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Zoe-The God Kind Of Life

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Zoe— If only you knew the Gift of God 

God has a gift for us all. And It’s free. Would you like to know that gift?

Let me tell you a short story. After a long day Jesus stopped by a well. He needed some water to drink. He met a woman at the well and did the unusual. He asked her for a water. She was surprised and revolted.

She asked Jesus why he was that audacious to ask her for water.

Now, Jesus being a jew was not supposed to a talk to a Samaritan,But Jesus broke protocol. He answered her and said:

“If only you knew the gift of God, I will give you living water that will quench your thirst forever and you will give others this living water too”, he continued.(John 4: 4-13,emphasis mine)

But wait a minute! What was ‘the Gift’? The gift was the living water.

The life-giving water is the metaphor representing ‘the Gift’ Jesus talked about. And the woman wanted the water that will make her not thirsty forever.

But what she didn’t know was that the water she wanted was not from the well. It was and is the life-giving water. It was and is a person. It is the supernatural life. The eternal life. It is life in its fullness.

In Greek, it’s called Zoe—the God kind of life. It’s the life of abundance. It’s the life of incorruption, an unending streams that overflows. It’s the gift of God. hallelujah!

She wanted the water that could give her life. Does this mean that the woman had no life and If she had no life, how comes she was talking? Yes, she had life but that life she had was subject to disease, fear, pain, poverty and death.

The kind of life I am telling you about is Zoe – the God kind of life. That was the gift!  If you have this gift, you have the greatest gift on earth.

Here Jesus was saying “give me ordinary water ( your ordinary life)  and I will give you living water—Zoe(eternal life)” .

Come to think of it, who doesn’t want to live forever?

Jesus said to them, “Very truly I tell you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you. (John 6:53, KJV)

But what went wrong?

In the beginning there was  eternal life—Zoe! Man was designed to live  forever.

And the Lord God formed man out of the dust of the ground and breathe into his nostrils, the breath of life and man became a living being. (Gen 1:7)

That was the life-giving spirit giving life to mortal bodies. However, it was taken. What happened? Man disobeyed God and let sin entered the world.

Adam was made to enjoy all that God has created for them —animals, trees, fruits, water and all of nature.

In the garden of Eden, there was no lack, shortage, no consciousness of pain, worry, fear, anxiety, sadness or sin.

They walked with lions, played with crocodiles. The had Zoe—the God kind of life. Since they disobeyed God and listened to the devil, so Zoe stopped and man died Spiritually which resulted to physical death (Eph.  4:18)

Man started living ordinary lives.  The quality of man’s life became poor. Sin has consequences!

Every of life’s deformities or defects you see was as a result of the fall. Man lost Zoe. There is a way out!

1. Believe and receive Zoe

To enjoy Zoe, Jesus is the only way out. (John 6:47, John 14:6,).

He comes to restore back what God originally intended life to be. Quit the struggles. if you receive Jesus, you will have  Zoe (1John:10-12).

If you really want to enjoy this God kind of Life. You have to accept Jesus by believing with your heart that he is the son of God and that he died for you so that you may have life.

You have to also receive him as your Lord and savior through confession. That why Jesus came. He really wants you to enjoy Zoe.

Jesus says He is the vine and we are the branches.(John 15:5).Now, a branch is usually attached to a tree.

You can’t be a branch if you have not accept Jesus into your Spirit Have you believed and let him in? You can’t accept whom you don’t believe.

2. The word of God has Zoe.

Jesus is the word of God. You cannot separate Jesus from the word. (John 1: 1).

The word of God is life itself.( John 10:10) Everything that you will ever need to enjoy life in full is wrapped up in God’s Word. (2nd Peter 1:3)

Zoe is in God’s word, not the casual reading of God’s Word. That’s head knowledge. I  mean revelational knowledge gotten through meditation and prayer.

The word of God becomes  not just ink and paper but Zoe. (John 6:33).  If you are experiencing any dead-end in your career, health, life, family, job or relationship. What you need do is to speak what God’s word says concerning that situation.

You will find out your words begin to revive hopeless and impossible situations. It’s Zoe at work.

3. Recognize Who You Are In Christ Jesus 

You are crafted, fashioned in God’s image. Your are the express image of God. You are a god (psalms 82:6,John 10:34)

You may be black and I may be white but that shows the multi dimensional facet of God. He is a God of varieties. He has different sides and so are we. But we all  have his D.N.A.

How? The moment you got born again and you received Jesus, You became redeemed and Zoe was implanted into your spirit.

You seize to live the ordinary life. What afflicts others stopped afflicting you. You live a higher life.

Understand that when you accept Jesus- Zoe, all of Heaven comes to reside in you. So you don’t  just have to wait to get to heaven. Heaven comes to you (1 cor. 3:9, 1cor.  6:19)

Do you know what scares devils?  It’s not the religious gibberish we make. It’s not our ability to fast or sing with the voice of angels.

It’s also not just reading the Bible cover to cover. It’s not also attending church. But it is when you recognize your rights and privileges in Christ Jesus.

Greater is he (Zoe) in you than he (ordinary life and low life) in the world.

What you need is Zoe, He will then chart the course that you must follow. I  believe for you to read this, you are interested in Zoe.

If you want this God kind of life. Say this prayer:

Heavenly father, I come to you in the name of Jesus. I am a sinner. I believe that Jesus died and rose up again for me. I ask that you wash me with the blood of Jesus. Come and be my Lord and savior. From today, I follow you all the days of my life. Amen.

Congratulations!  If you have just prayed that prayer. Find a Bible believing church and grow your faith in Jesus. You also have to study the Bible and Talk to God in prayer.

Zoe—Eternal life is now in your spirit.

You are free from the power of sin. You are now seated with Jesus in Heavenly places. Heaven is in you. Shalom!




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