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Why You Should be wearing a girdle every day.

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Do you know how it feels wearing a girdle everyday?

Do you want your natural curves to be much more pronounced?

Well, if  you have ever desired to always look more slimmer, trimmer and more attractive.

A girdle is your best bet. It is made up of elasticized fabric which enhances a woman’s figure. 

These undergarments come in various shapes, colors, and sizes and are convenient to wear.

The benefits of wearing a girdle are enormous from its supportive features for your spine, and reducing backaches to giving you a very attractive look. 

They are worn around the abdominal region revealing the distinctive endowments of your waist, hips, and bum. 

Wearing a girdle

Girdle benefits and why you should wearing it.

1. Weight loss. 

wearing a girdle will reshape your body and will be of great benefit for you.

This helps tighten your abdominal muscles as you slay in those undergarments. 

2. To correct posture. 

If you have developed a bad posture as a result of sitting for long hours in an office environment, it can make your spine become hunched and less attractive.

Thus, wearing a girdle will improve it without causing strain on your back and will help strengthen the spine to its natural curvature. 

3. Relieves stress.

Wearing a girdle is very therapeutic as it helps to relieve you of stress and keep your body at bay, helping you focus and be more productive.

4. Soothes your headaches and pains.

Wearing a girdle every day can help relieve you from pain from scoliosis, helping your shoulder with the support it needs. 

You can purchase a girdle on Jumia.

5. Breast support.

Being busty is beautiful but they are moments where you need to pack up those busts nicely. So wearing a girdle will help tuck up those busts of yours.

6. Postpartum support.

Did you just have your baby and suddenly there seems to be loose flesh hanging around your abdominal region and you don’t want it?

The postpartum stage can be quite challenging psychologically, emotionally, and physically. 

Wearing a girdle every day after postpartum will help tuck your tummy back into its natural shape.

You can enjoy your postpartum stage and have your body back.

I think you would like to see the 10 best postpartum girdles if you have just had a baby.

7. A better workout session.

Are you a fitness enthusiast?

Wearing a girdle while exercising will help you maximize your session in the gym by compressing your body shape during intense movements.

This will enable your desired shape to be faster and quicker. 

8. A gorgeous body.

Wearing a girdle every day enhances your hour-like shape body—that figure 8 body you want.

Do you know how it feels to have the body you want?

Wearing a girdle helps to boost your self-esteem, confidence, carriage, and makes you feel powerful and commanding. 

Wearing a Girdle everyday

Did you just have breast surgery or tummy tuck surgery, wearing a girdle every day will help you get back into your natural shape? 

How to spot the qualities of a good girdle. 

  • Elasticity – a good quality of a girdle is its elasticity. It should be capable of returning to its original shape when being stretched.
  • Flexibility – A good girdle should be adaptable in some way. It should be capable of being flexed without damage.
  • Durability – A good girdle should be durable. It has to be able to resist wear and tear. 

How not To Wear A Girdle.

  • Do not wear a girdle when eating. 
  • Wear an undergarment before the girdle, avoid direct contact with skin. 
  • Frequently adjust the tightness of the girdle and maximize it’s comfort and suitability. 
  • Don’t wear a girdle to the shower. 
  • If you are pregnant, do not wear a girdle. 

Side Effects Of Wearing a Girdle Every day. 

1. Bladder pressure.

If you wear a girdle for a very long time, it begins to have an impact on your bladder which can be a very uncomfortable feeling.

Use a girdle at appropriate hours. 

2. Shallow breaths.

A good breathing system needs to be deep, not shallow.

When you wear a girdle for a very long time, it begins to constrain your diaphragm which helps your breathing rhythm.

This is unhealthy and may cause fainting, dizziness, and stomach flares. To avoid this, use it moderately. 

3. Varicose veins.

This is most visible on the feet of women who have them. One of the cause  of varicose veins I attributed to wearing a girdle for a very long period. To avoid this, use it moderately. 

4. Heart issues.

Wearing a girdle may cause the heart to be at risk.

The pressure makes the heart rate begin to work harder than normal. To avoid this, moderation is key.

5. Indigestion.

It’s a very common problem when using a girdle while eating.

This compresses the intestines, colon, and other digestive parts carrying the food leading to heartburn and other digestive related problems.

To avoid this, remove your girdle whenever you want to eat to avoid acid reflux. 

6. Muscle weakness.

When you overuse a girdle, it can cause the muscles to become weakened.  It’s best you wear a girdle moderately to avoid muscle atrophy that occurs when wearing a girdle for a long period of time.

7. Weak core.

When you are using a waist trainer or a girdle for too long, your core becomes weakened because of its overdependence on the girdle for it to take shape and when removed, the abdominal muscles seem flabby. 

Final Thoughts on Wearing a girdle every day. 

If you desire an hourglass shape, wearing a girdle is a way to go and a starting point.

However, it’s not a replacement for a controlled diet, meal plan, and exercise.

It helps bring your appetite under control by restricting the amount of food you eat, distributing the fats around your body to other areas as a result of the compression. 

Wearing a girdle also helps to provide you with the intrinsic motivation you need if you would want to take exercise and dieting seriously. 

Conclusively, make sure you weigh the pros, advantages, con, and side effects before wearing a girdle.

Look for how you can control and adjust where necessary what you need to do to get that desired hourglass shape of yours. 


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  1. Michael McGrath

    Yes, back then I noticed my aunts and my sisters being happy and content in their girdles throughout the day. The girdle was never left off or taken down, from getting up every morning until bedtime at night, except of course for the toilet.

    My mother wore what looked like a long corset with bones right down over her bottom and thighs with wide suspenders for her seamed fully fashioned nylons and it’s amazing the amount of hard manual housework women like her got through while all trussed up every day. She always wore a brand called Twilfit.

    I’d notice they’d bend down with their knees while sitting up straight too.But it was really well worth it as even fat ladies had lovely figures and looked very attractive back then.Those girdles were severely tight -you’d feel their hard bottoms when they accidentally bumped against you in the house.

    The word girdle was never mentioned,or suspender either. And they certainly looked like they had even forgotten they had their girdles on.I believe you become totally accustomed to being in a girdle all the time after about six months daily wear. After that it gets to feels like a comforter and you tend to leave it on all the time.

    You can even begin to miss it after it’s off for a while! It genuinely comes to feel a part of you. You get to like the nylons stretched taut up along your legs supporting your calves and thighs.

    Only “Women’s Lib”managed, with false political messages, to get women to abandon their girdles and let it all hang out and flop around- though the great and the good,like Margaret Thatcher and the Queen continued to wear their girdles,for the support, control and stylish look they were always used to in their girdles.

  2. Tom Sleifer

    I am from the Golden Age of Girdles 40s, 50s, 60s. Back then women for good reason loved being every day well girdled in a vintage girdle like Rago 6210. To experience the real benefits of being daily well girdled it does take getting the right fit for your figure. Then it takes some Girdle training. Follow this: You will find your posture is 100% improved, your clothes will fit much better and nice and smooth. Keeping your stomach muscles relaxed and rely on your girdle to give your tummy and back well needed control and support you find you have much more energy and you feel great. To experience these real benefits it can take a few weeks, it is best to own a minimum of 3 girdles 1 to wear, 1 in your girdle draw, and 1 you cold wash and air dry. Then every day wake up clean up and put on your girdle and go on with your day. After a few weeks you develop a daily routine and you will find like the women back during the Golden Age of Girdle the real benefits of being well girdled will without question give you. You do get to the point where you will really love being everyday well girdled.

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