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What to do when you see pimple on the nipples

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I have a pimple on my nipple.

Pimple on the nipples are not only common with teenagers. They can also affect adults too and can be found anywhere on the skin. Anyone can experience it anytime.

Apparently, pimple on the nipples happen when there is a surge in hormonal levels, menstruation or pregnancy.

Many women complain of pimples on the breast.

Moreso, pimple happen when the hair follicles on the skin are blocked. They are a result of extra sebum or dead skin cell formation.

Pimples are whiteheads on the skin and should not be mistaken for bumps which are just an elevated patch on the skin.

Whiteheads forms when the hair follicles walls come out while blackheads are formed when the clogged pores are exposed to air.

If the bump on the breast becomes painful and brings out discharge, it means there’s another underlying condition that needs attention.

Why are pimple on the nipples or breasts?

Pimple on the nipples

A lot of women have complained about pimples on their breast and these have given them a lot of discomforts. Some pimples are mild, while some are severe.

The severe ones are usually because of tissue destruction as a result of the tissue being infected.

1. Pregnancy.

When a woman is pregnant, a lot of changes occur in her body. There is hormonal change, breast enlargement and increased blood flow.

These changes may cause pimple on the nipples for some. She begins to feel heaviness on her breast or nipples and a tingling sensation.

How to treat:

  • Use petroleum jelly or creams that contain vitamin E and cocoa butter on the nipples and avoid harsh creams.
  • Wear bras that are not too tight and can allow free flow of air.
  • Avoid soaps or detergent that has a strong fragrance which can have a far-reaching effect on the skin.

2. Dermatitis

The most common dermatitis is eczema which can be found on the nipples among pregnant women. This is caused by irritation of certain perfumes, soaps or detergents and fabrics.

How to treat:

  • Do not scratch affected areas because this can worsen the condition.
  • Use moisturizers to keep the skin hydrated.

3. Yeast infection. 

If your pimples are in a rash form and cause you itching and redness, this could be as a result of yeast infection.

How to Treat :

  • Antifungal creams can ameliorate the condition.
  • Have a change of breast pad frequently.
  • Use hot water to wash your towels and bras.

4. Acne

This is a common skin blemish and can appear on the nipples or breast and anywhere on the body.

How to Treat :

  • Use water and soap without a sponge

5. Joggers nipple chaffing 

This is also known as runners nipple. Joggers nipple happens when the breast skin robs against the fitness clothing material which is usually tight fitted.

Women who are fitness enthusiasts or are having their periods also complain about these pimples on their nipples.

How to treat:

  • Use antiseptic lotion.
  • Apply ointment like petroleum jelly before a workout.

6. Areolar glands.

These are small bumps that release oil on the Areolar. Though they are painless and most people have these glands.

7. Blocked hair follicles. 

When the hair follicles on the skin are blocked, it results in ingrown hair which can cause pimples. Usually, they repair themselves.

8. Subareolar abscesses

Women who experience Subareolar abscesses usually complain of a painful. It is caused by mastitis which is the accumulation of pus in the breast tissues.

It is common for women who are breastfeeding. For women who are not breastfeeding, this could be a sign of breast cancer.

How to treat:

  • Subareolar abscesses can be treated by removing the infected tissue and antibiotics as a preventive measure.
  • In some cases, the bump is surgically removed.

9. Breast cancer.

Bumps with painful pus or blood oozing are a sign of breast cancer. If you have this experience, please consult your dermatologist for further advice.

How to treat:

  • Breast cancer is treated by chemotherapy and radiation, surgery to remove the tumor mastectomy or surgical removal of breast tissue.

How to treat pimple on the nipples.

Pimple on the nipples

Before you treat pimple on the nipples, you have to diagnose it first.

Some pimples can fade off on their own, while some may be treated with doxycycline as prescribed by the physician.

What you can do to prevent pimple on your nipples.

For both sexes, though women more importantly.

  • Take frequent showers. Don’t let your sweat dry often on your body if you are working out.
  • Don’t wear tight clothing. Wear breathable materials, not fabrics that can irritate the skin cells.
  • If you are still breastfeeding, then you need to always wash your hands regularly before you touch your nipples. Avoid touching your nipples with dirty hands. Empty your breast milk to prevent mastitis. Breastfeed with both breasts.
  • Exfoliate dead skin cells and oil that clogs the skin by using an exfoliating scrub that contains salicylic acid. Do this once every week.

Have you tried Neutrogena visibly clear gentle exfoliating wash?

  • Tea tree oil is said to treat pimples. It has a natural formula that treats pimples caused by bacteria on the nipples.
  • Take more water often. Your system needs to be hydrated at all times.

Have you heard about water water therapy?

It has been proven that water therapy is an effective way to treat pimples and acne.

To maximize this benefit, you should drink eight glasses of water. Don’t mistake beverages for water, they are not the same.

  • Cinnamon and honey are nature’s remedy of clearing off those pimples on the nipples. Both Cinnamon and honey have antibacterial fighting capabilities to treat pimple on the nipples. For effective results, mix one teaspoon of cinnamon and two tablespoons of honey until it becomes pasty and apply to the pimples on the breast overnight.
  • Try Mud or charcoal paste. You can make mud into a paste or charcoal paste and apply it to the pimples on the nipples for 30 minutes. It has been reported that women have gotten relieved through this natural method.
  • Spot treatments like salicylic acid are effective creams that can be applied to the pimple on the breast.

The final thought

There are certain foods that may cause pimple on the nipples. It’s best you avoid them also and if you have tried all the preventive and curative measures highlighted here and you find a painful, itchy, reddish pimple or lump, it will be best you contact your dermatologist.

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