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Water therapy and 15 Benefits Of Water Therapy

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Water therapy —natures wonder gift!

Man may do without food for weeks but can’t do without water. It’s true the earth is covered with 70% of water, so are our bodies too.

Your body needs to have reservoir filled with water at all times. Thus, you have to optimally maintain the amount of water reserves in your body.

Water is life. It refreshes, restores, it rejuvenate one’s overall health.

It has tremendous therapeutic effects on a bunch of ravaging health situations from sore throat, headaches, allergies, to renal problems.

Water therapy is an ancient Ayurvedic medicine from Japan.

The Japanese have been doing this for a very long time; no wonder their longevity is superb.

Often times we take water to aid digestion or quench a thirst but is that reason good enough?

Doesn’t it make sense if we take water to help the body boost it’s immunity from sicknesses and diseases rather than quenching a thirst?

That should be the goal.

Now, the early hours in the morning are the best hours in someone’s day. A lot of things can be done.

What is Water therapy? 

The act of taking 5-6 glasses of water early in the morning is part of a few routine tasks that can help you set the tone of your day.

Procedures for taking water therapy. 

  • Take water early enough in the morning when you wake up. Drink 1½ litres of water; that is 5-6 glasses of water.
  • The water should be of room temperature. Not cold or hot.
  • Ensure the water is on an empty stomach and don’t take anything for at least 45 minutes.
  • That’s all.

At first, it may be difficult to drink about 1½ litres of water at a go; however, you can start with 3 glasses of water.

And, as your body gets adjusted to the routine, maximize the benefits of water therapy by increasing it to 5-6 glasses of water daily.

To the main point, what does drinking water in the morning do?

Water therapy

Benefits Of Water Therapy 

1. Drinking water first on an empty stomach rids toxins away from the human system, maintaining your pH levels of your body .

2. Do you know how dirty the pipe that is connected to your sink is?

After so many years of taking dirty slimy contents. Yet at the sides are still some leftover garbage.

That is how the colon is, thus, water therapy cleanses the intestines and colon from foods leftover on the walls of the intestine and colon, helping the body absorb nutrients from food.

3. Water helps rejuvenate the skin. Taking care of your pimples, acne and other blemishes.

It makes the skin shine by diluting the toxins in your body making it easier for your kidneys to function optimally.

4. Water therapy balances our nymph system which helps us perform everyday tasks and optimize our body fluids, fighting infections and boosting immunity.

You will begin to feel much more healthier from inside out.

5. Water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning helps with weight loss. It also boost one’s metabolism rate.

Sometimes we may mistaken the need for water for food and end up eating much but if you are daily taking water therapy, your body’s requirements is optimally maximized.

6. Water, first in the morning hydrates the cells at an incredible rate after sleep, producing blood and muscle cells. It refreshes the brain.

7. Water, first in the morning cures sore threat. treating eye, ear and nose infections too.

8. Water, first thing in the morning  cures gastritis and urinary infections.

9. Water, first thing in the morning frees the bronchial cavity of asthmatic conditions.

10. Some symptoms like migraines, sinusitis, asthma and the likes are signs that there’s something wrong with the body.

Thus, the use of water therapy  helps to cure those ailments in the body causing those symptoms like headaches. Indeed it’s a natural body painkiller.

11. Water, first thing in the morning treats pile and menstrual disorder.

12. Your digestive system needs to absorb and break down food nutrients effectively, thus, water therapy helps the bowel movements, treating constipation and stomach bloating by cleansing the body of its impurities.

13. Water, first in the morning helps the heart rate and regulates the kidney functions.

14. Water therapy fights and prevents Cancer.

15. Water, first in the morning is a cure to ulcers. improving one’s appetite too.

How to Start water therapy. 

  • Just before you sleep, end you keep 1½ litres of room temperature bottle water beside your bed.

This will enable you to remember to take the therapy in the morning.

  • Take also 4-5 glasses of water during the day too is essential.

Take the therapy one hour before your meals in the day.

Remember, we don’t only drink water because we are thirsty but because our bodies need it.

Side Effects:

None, apart from frequent urination of which you can deal with. It’s nothing compared to what this technique will do for you.

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