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Attitude of gratitude

The power of gratitude.

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Gratitude is attitude.

Happy with the sunshine, expecting the rains.

It’s being thankful or appreciative.

For what?

For everything—who you are, what you have, where you have been, what have and could happen and even more.

There’s no positive spirit like being grateful for just everything, not just for the good times but bad times as well.

According to research, people who are grateful, live more healthier lives and are more healthier.

Gratitude is an art.

It is seeing the positive side of everything.

It’s the silver lining in every dark cloud.

Gratitude is being happy with the sunshine and expecting the rain fall.

Gratitude is an attitude.
It’s the thought of divinity in every situation.

It’s the aura of God’s presence in everything.

You need the right frame of mind to take charge of your world.

Being thankful puts you in that command.

This is what happens when you choose to be grateful and thankful.

1. Gratitude gives you a positive outlook of things.

Any time you decide to be grateful.

There’s an optimism that wells up in your spirit.

Gratitude boosts ones overall mood and puts you in charge of things because you are on a positive tone.

2. Gratitude is a magnet of things you want.

The law of attraction states that we attract what we think about most of the times.

The more you are thankful of something, the more you receive or attract the things you want.

You send energies to the universe through thankfulness and it responds by giving you what you want.

Begin today by being grateful for the things you want to have and it becomes a reality.

3. Gratitude helps eliminate fear, anxiety and worry.

Fear, worry and anxiety are negative emotions and can rob you of the joy of the moment and the hope of possibilities.

Thus, if you want to get rid of this toxic emotions, tap into the power of gratitude and live on a low-level of stress.

Be in charge.

Gratitude helps you feel that everything will just work out just fine.

You experience joy and peace within.

4. Gratitude helps you drown complaints.

For instance someone who nags, complains or criticize can use the power of gratitude to drown it.

It helps douse the flame of negative vibes.

It doesn’t mean that the person will not feel those impulse but that he or she doesn’t respond by criticism or complaints but by being grateful.

5. Gratitude Helps You Strengthen Your Relationships.

One of the fundamental principles of relationships is that “Everyone wants to feel loved”.

What better way can it be done if not ‘Gratitude’.

Before you get someone’s attention, use the attitude of gratitude.

To maintain someone’s attention towards you, use the power of gratitude.

Be appreciative today.

Now to the main juice.

How do we become grateful or show appreciation.

Below are some key nuggets that can help you tap into the awesome power of gratitude.

How To Develop The Attitude Of Gratitude.

1. Have A Gratitude Pad.

It’s easy. Write down 3-5 things that you are truly grateful for.

You could start from health, relationships, achievements, abilities or any aspect you can think of each day.

As you write those things on your gratitude pad, endeavor not to repeat what you wrote the previous day.

Gratitude pad
Gratitude pad

Let your thankfulness be a fresh thought you are truly grateful for.

You could write simple things like how you were able to do something well for the first time; a text message you got from a childhood friend, for being alive or the fact of writing out your gratitude.

Just anything your thoughts can lay hold on.

Don’t forget that whatever it is you are grateful for, that thought should be unique each day.

Don’t say you are running short of things to be grateful for.

Force your mind to think.

Learn now how to write and set down goals effectively ‎. 

Writing your gratefulness down has to be structured in a way that it becomes very consistent.

It could be in the morning as you wake up or just shortly before you sleep.

The more you become consistent in doing so, the more you begin to bring a burst of joy to yourself.

After one month of consistently writing your gratitude list down.

You will be amazed how that attitude can bring a new you.

2. Silence the voice of ingratitude by expressing gratitude to loved ones.

When someone is ungrateful, it is mostly evident on the mood of the person.

Even if the person tries to smile or laugh, it won’t be hearty.

It criticizes, condemns and complains. It’s the voice that says “forget about the fact that you are working on water, it’s because you can’t swim”.

It is always pessimistic. When we listen to that voice, we fail to see the good in ourselves and that of others.

Today, think of 5-10 persons who have really done something worthy of your gratitude and express it now.


It could be the janitor at the office, the waiter at the restaurant, your mum or the delivery boy.

Make sure you do it animatedly.

Remember, everyone wants to feel loved.

Use gratitude to express the power of your love.

3. Take A Gratitude Walk.

How do you take a gratitude walk?

Very simple.

Just stroll around in the cool of the day.

Anything as early as 5am-6am or 5pm- 7pm.

The major thing is to take advantage of the coolness of the day.

Try and acclimatize with nature’s richness—the trees, mountains, wind, flowers, birds flying… Etc.

You could even stroll with your dog.

Now, as you walk, start reflecting on the good that has happened to you of which you are grateful for.

A fulfilling relationship, how you survived during an accident or abilities you never knew you had and what have you.

Why do it as you walk?

It distracts you from toxic feelings. It helps you to resonate with your environment.

Gratitude walk
Gratitude walk

This nature’s therapy—gratitude walk, helps you understand that it wasn’t as bad as you thought it was.

It helps you to also see possibilities and hope for a brighter future.

When last did you take a gratitude walk?

4. Practice Mindfulness.

To be mindful means to become aware.

Aware of what?

Aware of your present not your past or future.

How do you do this? Take a deep breath, count up to five.

Hold it for four seconds, release the breath.

Do that repeatedly for a while.

Be conscious of your environment.

I mean everything you can perceive with your senses—what you can hear, see, smell or taste.


For instance, you can pay attention to how the birds chirp or watch how they fly or observe how your lungs rise and fall.

Then, shut your eyes and reflect of what you are grateful for today.
As the thought of gratefulness comes, intensify it by dwelling on it.

Try to keep the thoughts longer in your mind.

Remember, we attract more of the things we focus on.

Focusing on those things we are grateful for brings more of those things to ourselves.

Let’s wrap it up.

Practicing the art of gratitude.

This art can build emotional resilience within you and will help you cope with life demands.

You then lead a happier and better life.

It gives you the God-like feeling that all will be well and will work our just fine.

Practicing the art of gratitude and the steps highlighted here will give you more of what life can offer.

There’s something you are grateful for. But you must think.

Tell me, what are you grateful for today? share your thoughts.

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