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5 Quickest Tips To Stay Fit. 

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Probably at the beginning of this year, you had a resolution to stay fit but you haven’t really noticed any changes yet.

It could be that your fitness plan wasn’t very effective or you were not consistent enough in your lifestyles changes. There are a lot of exercise routine that helps us stay fit.

Some exercises are more effective than others. You have to find out which one works best for you.

And when you find those effective routine exercises and lifestyles, you should be obligated to spend more time on it daily. It really counts.

For instance, the muscles on your arms, core, legs are spots you ought to focus your attention on in your fitness plan.

They are the main parts that gives us the euphoria of fitness. Everyday, we engage our legs and arms through various activities like lifting a bowl filled with fruits, walking briskly when late for work.

This simple exercises helps the muscles found in your arms and legs be in optimal capacity. Here are some of the quickest ways of staying fit.

  • Try Squats.
    Squats is done by repetitively bending your knees way down.This is a very effective routine if you really want to stay fit.This work on your leg muscles and you can even increase the intensity of your squats by lifting weights on your shoulder so that your arms get worked out as well. This exercise is done by standing on your feet, placing the weight on your shoulder width apart and, keeping your back straight, then bending your knees to lower your body.
  • Drink lots of water.
    Our muscles are made up of around 70 per cent water. Taking water helps us get the most from our workouts and we stay energised and not feel weary. Make sure you take lots of water during, before and after workout. The Japanese water therapy is an ancient Ayurvedic medicine from Japan that helps you stay hydrated and stay fit. Imbibe the water plan.
  • Planks.
    You do planks by getting into something like a push-up position. However, instead of resting your upper body weight on your hands, you rest your weight on your whole forearm staying that way for as long as you can. The pressure built between your arms and toes from trying to keep your body in a straight position is of immense benefits for maintaining your core, leg, shoulder, neck, and upper arm muscles. You see, in a short while you have strengthened your vital muscles. If you want to stay fit, do planks.
  • Get sufficient sleep.
    Our bodies need to be in optimal state. if you  really want to stay fit, you must have the right sufficient amounts of sleep. A healthy amount of 6-8 hours of sufficient sleep will go a long way in reaching your fitness goals. Sleep can really affect the way our bodies grow and react in itself. When we sleep, our bodies have the ability to recover from stress patterns, our cells are rejuvenated and our tissues repaired as well.
  • Avoid eating junks or fast foods.
    These are the foods that makes you add weight and it defeats your fitness plan. Instead of eating junks, eat 3 healthy meals everyday, add a mix of fruits and vegetables to your meal plan in between. if you have been drinking, whether soft drinks or alcohol, cut it or stop it completely. Drinking too much alcohol has many negative health effects. Alcohol contains calories with no nutritional value to our bodies, which is a catalyst to increase in weight and hangovers can often have a negative impact on our set routines too.

Conclusively, to strengthen your new-found habit of staying fit, you should start slowly, then steady up, this will reduce the tendency of being underwhelmed or unmotivated.

Remember, it is what you do daily that really counts. Consistency is the key. Make that decision today and stay fit for your mind, body and spirit.

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