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Motivation: 21 quotes to boost your day.

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We all have those highs and lows in our lives when it seems we are at our lowest ebbs and just a little word of comfort and motivation can renew and transform our minds, making us feel better.

So, sit back and relax as I take you through a journey of mind blowing quotes on motivation that will turn you on.

1. As you get consistent with excellence, it becomes an addiction.


2. You are a work in progress and in the process of time, it will come to pass.


3. Practice sharpening your crafts and everything will come from your craft.


4. Don’t be scared to dream and when you dream, dream big, you may be amazed how dreams do come true.


5. Be consistent with your passion, you become what you consistently do.


6. When life’s difficulties hits you, just like the bamboo tree, bend, don’t break.

Bamboo tree

7. Don’t rob yourself of the joy of today, relieve this moment, look to the future with hope.


8. You want external victories? deal with your internal battles first.


9. Revert. Recover. Recoup. Refire. Relaunch.


10. Take charge! you have been authorized.


11. You will never know what you are good at until you try.


12. Don’t just watch your watch, do what it does.


13. Don’t go to sleep yet until you have given your subconscious mind work to do.


14. If you carry enough fire, people will watch you burn.

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15. If life gives you what you don’t want, turn what it gives you to what you want.


16. What you do know is important but what you do with what you know is more important.


17. There’s no real competitor outside you. Your rival is with yourself.


18. If you are not getting it, your desire is not strong enough.


19. Build your life to match your desires.


20. If you do what is hard now, your life will be easy later.


21. Start with what you have from where you are.


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