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Motivate Yourself To Achieve Success—Learn how!

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To motivate yourself is to spur yourself into action. To plunge yourself into the deep.

Motivation is derived from the Latin word ‘movere’ which means to move.

Motivation is the answer to the question of why you do what you do.

It’s the difference between waking early enough before dawn or snoozing your alarm.

But be sure of this—you can achieve the success you want but it’s dependent on your desire or willingness to.

I love to see you lead a happy and successful life, I can’t do it for you but I can just inspire you.

You’ve got spur your into action. You’ve got take charge of your life and be willing to take responsibility of whatever happens to you.

I will be sharing with you several ways you can spur yourself into action whether in your chosen career, business, academics or your personal development.

1. Take responsibility

You are in charge of your destiny. You are your own pilot.

Whatever happens to you, you’ve got to take charge of it.

Your life has a script. You are the writer. Know this! No one can write your script for you except yourself.

I am aware that there are some things you can’t control like “the rain” but you can always carry your own sunshine with you.

Often times, why some of us seem not to take charge of what happens to us is because we feel circumstances, other people, environmental influences or a superior force is dictating what happens to us.

You can motivate yourself by asking yourself this fundamental questions:

What action will I take that will bring tremendous impact on my career, destiny, job, business, academics, passion, vision, desires or goals and what inaction will I take that will bring tremendous impact on my career, destiny, job, business, academics, passion, vision, desires or goals?

Asking yourself this fundamental questions will motivate you to taking the required actions needed for your success.

2. You’ve got to be goal driven.

What do you want from life? What do you want from your career, academics, job, business, relationships, lifestyle etc.What do you really want to achieve?

When you have identified those goals. Write it down. Most people have always asked “why should my goals be written, the goals are in my mind”?

Why you need to write these goals is because, writing is a psycho-neuro activity that forces our mind into action.

When you write goals down, it seems you are writing it on the tablet of your mind.

It goes into your subconscious mind waiting to be called forth whenever you are required to plunge your self into action.

After you’ve identified your goals (short-term and long-term)

You need to ask yourself another fundamental question:

“What time do I set to achieve my goals, dreams or desires? 2,3,5,10,20, or 50 years”? 

Your goals must have a time frame or deadline. Don’t just say anytime. It won’t work that way.

You’ve got to set a time limit for yourself. Why? It forces your mind to see those goals being achieved.

Haven’t you noticed that people love deadlines? Whenever a deadline is set that is when you see people forced to take action.

Do you want to see yourself reaching your goals?

Do set a time limit for those goals.

Next, you should ensure that your goals are achievable, I mean it is humanly possible for those goals to be met.

Would you like to set a goal and after a while, you discovered that it was not achievable and realistic?

That will be frustrating. You motivate yourself when you set goals that are realistic and achievable.

3. Visualize to Motivate Yourself

If you really want to motivate yourself, you’ve got to learn how visualize.

To visualize is to form a mental picture. What you see is what you get.

You have to see the big picture of things. You’ve got to mind travel to your future and see how you want things to be.

One of ways I do this is to create visual boards.

This could be pictures of successful people in my niche of specialty. it could be a picture of my dream house, car, lifestyle or anything that depicts or reflects my deepest desires, goals or vision.

Why do I do this? To stimulate my senses. To make me feel that it is not a mirage and to understand that it is realistic and achievable.

If you want to motivate yourself into action, surround yourself with visual things around you and your environment to give you that needed boost for your desired success.

4. Take baby steps.

Have you seen a baby taking his first walk of life? It’s simply amazing.

He tries to stand, he is tired of crawling and desirous to move around and as he takes his first step, he falls.

He is not bothered, he gets up, falls again. He is still not bothered. He decides to find another opportunity to take another step.

If you really want to motivate yourself, you’ve got to learn how to take baby steps.

What are baby steps?

Baby steps are little actions that can lead to quantum leaps in future.

The enemy of baby steps is always waiting for the right time, the right weather or the perfect  tools you need to achieve success

Don’t wait for everything to be ‘just fine’ before you take those baby steps.

I really want you achieve your dreams but you have to take those baby steps.

You don’t test how deep a river is with both feet

5. Be ready to pay the price.

Everything worthwhile will take something from you—your time, resources, ideas and energy, depending on what are your desires or goals.

This means, your sleep may have to be sacrificed at times, you may need to spend more money, give more time to your craft.

At times you may need to wake up early some more, take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Also, you may need to think outside the box. You may need to attend some seminars, read some more articles on how to achieve your desired goals like what you are doing now—reading my article.

Be willing to do what others are not doing. To stand out or be the best, you have to move out from the norm. Be different. Be unique. Take some extra miles.

Try to stay ahead and if you really want to be the best version of yourself. Pay the price.

Remember why you want that goal or desire, thus, it will motivate you to take those required actions.

You can win. You can be do and achieve your dreams but pay the price first.

6. Don’t compare yourself with others.

You are unique in your own way. The way you look, think, smile, laugh or walk is fantastic.

Don’t let anyone look down on you. You are truly special, you’ve got amazing talents, potentials, gifts embedded inside you.

Don’t measure up your abilities with that of others. Don’t make a demigod out of other people.

We are all a mixture of strengths and weaknesses. What you are capable of doing, another may not be able to do it.

Be proud of that!

Also, what others are capable of doing, you may not be able to do them. Celebrate those people.

You may get some inspiration from those you are inspired  but understand you have unique abilities too.

Don’t compare yourself with others. Having idols should not be for comparison but for inspiration.

If you must compare yourself, it should be with yourself—your weaknesses.

Ask yourself this question.

Is this the best version of myself? Am I really putting so much into my craft? Have I found purpose? What are my abilities and strength zones?

Also, If you always procrastinate, it means you are mentally lazy, perhaps you need to read the article on how to get over procrastination and be willing to motivate yourself into action.

7. Reflect previous successes

Can you remember how you succeeded in the past? It is very important you recall.

Why? It will boost your determination to repeat the process again.

You tell yourself “if I did it before, I can do it again”

How do you reflect back? You can decide to go to the beach, a solitary place, where you can be truly alone with yourself and you begin to recall your previous successes.

It will motivate you to achieve similar or related goals.

8. Be ready to fail.

Surprised? I am here to tell you the truth. Don’t think about failure but be ready to fail at first.

Don’t think that there won’t be any obstacles whenever you start a dream, habit or desire to achieve a goal.

One of the ways you can triple your rate of success in your given endeavor is to prepare for failure.

Preparation for failure is not to think of failure but to expect some form of failures especially when you are trying to start a new habit, dream or goal.

It gives you an emotional flexibility which is necessary to motivate you to achieving your goals, desires and dreams.

Ask most successful people like Thomas Edison, Oprah, Abraham Lincoln, Walt Disney, Michael Jordan, Steven King, Charles Darwin all failed at first but it didn’t stopped them.

They understood the laws of success. What do you do with failure? You learn from it.

9. Meditation.

Sometimes you will need a spiritual support to help your mind achieve your goals, desires or dreams.

You may have to meditate.

You meditate to clear your mind for reflection on your deepest desires. This is where you build an internal awareness.

As a Christian, I believe in meditation. I do this in the wee hours of the morning everyday alone with my creator.

I choose early mornings because, it’s not only quiet but the best part of my day.

I sit down on my meditation chair with my Bible. I open it and meditate on it asking for guidance and inspiration for the day.

After then, I seem to have  clarity, focus and energy.

I tell you, it’s quite rewarding on my goals  and desires.

You too can try this.

Learn the act of meditation to motivate yourself.

10. Motivate, reward yourself.

As you begin to take those baby steps, don’t forget to reward yourself for every little achievement you get out of your goals, new habits, dreams or desires.

You need to give your self a pat on the shoulder.

Tell yourself ‘well-done’. 

it’s necessary to do so if you really want to motivate yourself.

Intrinsic motivation is more important than the motivation you get externally.

How do you do this?

You could take yourself out of the restaurant, buy yourself your choicest meal.

Go to the beach. See friends. Watch a movie. Buy yourself a gift or anything sensually stimulating.

You can be, do, achieve anything you want only if you will stay motivated.

Hope you enjoyed this article?

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