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See How Your Mind Is Connected To Your Body Pain.

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What really causes pain? Well, anything from bad mattress to stomach ulcers or a nerve damage can cause pain. While it may begin with an injury or illness, pain may be caused by an often overlooked factor—Emotion!

“A cheerful disposition is good for your health;gloom and doom leaves your bone tired”  Prov. 17:22 (The message Bible)

Emotion is energy in motion. We are all emotional creatures. We feel anger, disgust, fear, trust, joy, sadness, depression, love…

What causes these emotions? Certain chemicals! For instance, dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin gives us an emotional feeling of goodness which gives us a wellness feeling in our bodies. Amygdala secretions makes us experience anger which can be negative to our health.  These chemicals are released as a result of our thought patterns. Every Emotion has a brain chemical associated with it, whether positive or negative which when released affects our bodies. But what we are concerned about is Toxic Emotions. Our perception of a scenario largely affects our feelings and our feelings gives our bodies a reaction. Now, let’s see the connection between our bodies and mind.


The mind-body relationship theory  has been on for a long time and has been validated to be true. What gets to the mind can affect the body and vice versa. When we have self destructive and negative thoughts and negative internal conflict, it results to an unhealthy lifestyle. Conversely, when we have a positive mindset, it in turn creates a healthy lifestyle for us. What can thoughts do?


Thoughts are things and are real. With each thought we engage in, we send frequencies or vibes to our environment and we can also communicate these thoughts to our bodies. Ever negative emotions started with a toxic thought. Toxic thoughts is said to have caused cardiac arrest or any other heart related discomfort.  For instance, if someone hurts you and you carry that grudge in your mind, that toxic thought releases a negative energy to your blood stream. That emotional pain stored in a part of your body is the cause of your pain or illness. In other words when you are having pain in your body, it’s likely to be something relating to your emotions.


I love exercise, infact I try as much as possible to do cardio and physio exercises everyday which has helped me a great deal to heal pains and keep my fitness levels. However, there are some pains that cannot be healed as a result of exercises our bodies if our emotions are still frayed. This frayed emotions keeps lying dormant in our unconscious mind. Thus we need to be free of those energies for our bodies to be healed. Now,that you know! What should you do?


The mind is a tool which we can wade off pain and diseases and has a curative power as well. This can be achieved if we harness it to our own advantage. Remember, thoughts are things. It’s a messenger. Thoughts contain energy and can be a catalyst whether positive or negative. Every pain you have now was gotten through a negative vibes—thoughts. You attracted that pain with your negative thoughts. Thus, you can only take charge of your health by controlling the thoughts that flows through your mind. You may say “I can’t really stop those bunch of negative thoughts” Yes! you are right but thoughts are like birds, you can’t stop them from flying over your head but you can stop them from building a nest on your head. How then can one control negative thoughts from nesting? GUARD! Guard  your heart (mind)  dilligently, that’s where the issues of life is. How do you guard? You need to take charge of negative emotions by not letting toxic thoughts nest on you. Don’t dwell on those toxic thoughts. See, your body is controlled by your feelings, how you feel is as a result of your emotions. Thoughts forms our emotional competition.

Thoughts—›Emotions—›Body response 

To live a healthy lifestyle, use positive thoughts to bring the joy, happiness and balance your body deserves. If you are in pains, check for an unresolved toxic emotions—sadness, guilt, depression, malice, anger, fear, it’s drying you up.

Finally, to maintain your health, exercise daily, build faith, be happy, love always, relax often, smile often, eat healthy, worry less and above all think positively. It’s up to you.

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    Thanks.. this article has just made my day, I will take more control of my thoughts

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