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Memory Improvement : How You Can Remember People’s Names

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Oh, I know your face, but I just can’t remember your name.”

How often have you felt stupid because you had to say this?

I’m sure it has happened to you a couple of times.

Usually, it’s the name that has been forgotten not the face.

This is because what we see registers more in our brains than what we hear.

You always see the face but you can’t remember the person’s name.

The lack of recall can really put off people, loose a business deal, friendship and ultimately may be costly.

Would it not be an asset for any salesman or business owner to remember the names of his customers or for a doctor to remember the names of his patients or a pastor to remember the names of his members; a lawyer, his clients.?

Of course it would!

Everybody wants to be able to remember names and faces.

This is why you hear someone talking to others and addressing them as “sweet heart, Charlie, boss, honey” or any thing they can think of from avoiding to call the  person’s  names.

Here, I will show you how you 5 rules for remembering people’s name

How to Remember people’s names. 

  1. Make sure you heard the name first. 

‌Be sure you actually heard the person’s name!

Like, were you really listening?

Recalling the person’s face is not a problem.

Hardly, will you find a person say, “I know your name but I don’t remember your face”.

It’s the name that creates the problem.

A person’s name is the sweetest word people love to hear.

So for emphasis, be sure you really heard the name.

2. Ask the person to pronounce it if you are not sure of the pronunciation.

Try pronouncing it if you are not sure.

If still not certain ask the person to spell the words for you and mentally pick the letters and it’s pronunciation.

Then try spelling it yourself, he will correct you if you spelt it incorrectly and you would have succeeded in flattering him by your interest in his name.

3. Repeat the name.

After confirming the spelling, if you realize that the name is the same with a relative or a friend of yours, mention the fact.

This helps to crest the person’s name on your mind.

While talking with the person, repeat the name as often as possible in the dialogue.

Don’t mumble the words like it’s a recitation.

The idea is to use the name where necessary.

4. Use the name when you want to say goodbye or goodnight.

E.g “goodnight Sandra, I hope we will see again?”

All this will etch the name more firmly to your mind.

The trick here is to do this a couple of times before it can become a habit, you won’t even know you are doing it.

You will be able to remember people’s name up to 50% of the time.

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