How to make papaya leaf juice and it’s benefits for you.

How to make papaya leaf juice and it’s benefits for you.

Herbs like papaya leaf extract is given by God as food and healing to humans.

Tapping into papaya leaf juice extract —nature’s  wonder drug helps to deliver to us the richness of every herbs producing fruits.

When carica papaya plant is crushed, it is used in making papaya leaf juice  extract.

This mixture is proven to be effective in treating skin blemishes, injuries, scars, hair loss, fungal and other bacteria infections.

The leaf extract can be made into a juice which serves as a detox.

Papaya leaf juice extract contains vitamins A, B, C, Calcium, phosphorus and iron.

Papaya leaf juice extract has high levels of phytochemicals such as tannins, alkaloids, flavonoids, saponin that helps to detoxify the blood and also boosting the circulation of blood flow.

Let’s look at it more in details.

The benefits of papaya leaf juice

1. It prevents and treats malaria.

Papaya leaf juice had some plasmodiastic properties which hinders the growth of Plasmodium on your body controlling malaria fever.

The juice increases the antioxidant levels in patients susceptible to malaria.

2. It helps to rejuvenate the skin and cause even tone.

Papaya leaf extracts have antioxidants, and vitamins A, B, C and others which helps to maintain skin tone.

These antioxidants enhances the skin suppleness, making it ever young.

Pimples, acne, boils and other skin blemishes are caused by too much oil on the skin which clogs the skin.

Now, the skin needs to breathe. Thus, I papaya leaf extract ensures this by opening the pores of the skin which may have been clogged.

Taking papaya leaf juice regularly helps to eliminate free radicals from the blood resulting to good blood circulation.

3. It helps digestion and soothes GI tracts infections.

The papaya lead extract or its juice helps to solve digestion problems like constipation, bloating, and heartburn, irregular bowel movement. etc.

Its antioxidants and other chemical compounds like chymopapain essential fiber, papain helps to synthesize protein digestion and when these digestive enzymes are released, it increases appetite.

More so, papaya leaf juice helps to cure gastric problems such as ulcers.

4. It Cures dengue fevers.

Dengue fever is caused by any of the four species of the virus genus flavivirus and are found in mosquitoes which are transmitted to man.

This disease can cause death to the sufferer.

The symptoms are severe headaches, joints pain, eye pain etc.

Dengue fever reduces the platelet levels in the body.

Taking 25 ml papaya leaf juice twice daily will help elevate the platelet levels in the body, thus reducing the severity of the infections.

5. It treats dandruff and guards against hair loss.

Papaya leaf extract is applied lavishly on the scalp in treating dandruff.

This solution enables the scalp to be free from dryness that causes those skin irritations and early baldness.

6. It boosts one’s immune system and fights cancers too.

Our immune system needs boosters to keep and maintain its equilibrium.

Papaya leaf juice has active compositions like benzyl,  isothiocyanate, lycopene, tocopherol which helps to suppress the formation of tumor and cancer.

7. It has anti-inflammatory effects.

Papaya leaf juice helps to detoxify the blood by reducing its cholesterol levels.

Too much cholesterol in the blood can cause diseases such as obesity, liver problems and other cardiovascular abnormalities.

Thus, taking papaya leaf juice regularly helps to prevent inflammations as a result of cholesterol.

How to make papaya Leaf Juice in 15 minutes.

  • 10 Papaya leaves.
  • Sugar (2 – 3 table-spoon)
  • ½ lemon extract.
  • One cup of water.


Papaya leaf juice

1. Wash all the ingredients. (papaya leaf, lemon)

2. blend the papaya leaves.

3. Sieve the papaya mixture with a muslin cloth.

4. Add some lemon extract.

5. Add some sugar or honey if preferred. ( papaya leaf is very bitter)

6. Add some water (optional). Then blend all together till it becomes smooth.

7. Put it in a refrigerator.

8. Serve chilled!



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