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How to prevent text neck caused by your smart phone addiction.

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‎The strain of Text Neck is a new phenomena and it’s becoming a bad concern to worry about in this digital era for it may likely be on the rise in a few years time.

Text neck is the continuous strain injury that’s common as more people bend over to surf their smartphone.

Text neck causes muscle pain in the neck and shoulders, and sometimes lower back, most young people are now having text neck related issues.

The older one gets, the greater the injury caused by text neck.

Not using a smartphone properly or other mobile device cause so much hurt?

How can we cope with this phenomena based on the fact that we are in the information age and smart phones are no longer a luxury but a necessity?

It’s all in how you look at it.

Literally. Looking down, dropping your head forward, changes the natural curvature of your neck.

Over time, that misalignment can cause a strain in the neck muscles and cause damage to the structures of the neck.

When you drop your head over your phones three things happen :Your neck shifts forward.

Your shoulders round forward or lift up toward your ears.

Your neck and shoulder muscles are stretched.

According to experts, your neck muscles, in their proper position, are designed to support the weight of your head, about 10 to 12 pounds.

Research shows that when ever you drop your head forward, you double the weight on those muscles.

When you Look down at your smart phone, with your chin close to your chest, this can assert about 60 pounds of force on your neck.

Text neck

There are other health related concerns besides muscle pain, text neck can cause.

For instance, when you are sitting in a slumped position, it restricts your lungs ability to expand, restricting your lung capacity.

And when you Inhale less oxygen, your heart finds it difficult to pump more oxygen-carrying blood through out your body.

Find out the right fitness for your body type here.

Four Ways To Prevent Text Neck

1. Improve Your Posture.

Sit up. Learn how to position your spine and neck alignment consciously till it becomes a habit.

You can do this by looking at your profile in a mirror.

If your posture is correct, you will be able to measure a vertical line from your ear to your shoulder.

2. Try doing shoulder extensions.

This is useful if you have a bad posture. Arch your neck and upper back backward, pulling your shoulders into alignment under your ears.

This simple stretch can alleviate stress and muscle pain caused by ‘text neck’

3. Lean forward. 

Instead of dropping your chin down to read stuffs on your smartphone, raise the device to your eye level.

The same goes for your desktop computer system.

Your monitor screen should be at eye level so your head isn’t perpetually dropping and causing muscle strain.

Those little continuous tilting of the neck can pose a threat to the physiological wellness of a person.

4. Cut the number of hours you spend over your mobile device.

Break them into periods so that you can give your neck muscles the ability to relax.

One of the ways our bodies communicate to us is through pain and stress.

When you feel a strain somewhere on your neck.

consciously discipline yourself by pausing whatever you are doing to a better time when you are more relaxed.

Find more exercises that helps you fix text neck here. 

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