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How To Prepare Tom Brown from the scratch in Nigeria. {updated 2022}

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Tom Brown  —the thick brown powder is a combination of yellow corn, millet, guinea corn (cereals), groundnut (peanuts)  and soy beans (legumes). it’s one meal that is essential for babies if you want to wean them and want them looking well fed after breast milk.

This cereal is also good for adults who always have busy schedules  and may have to leave very early in the morning to their place of work. It’s just a 5 minutes meal. This will save you time especially if you are on the go.

Also, because of its rich contents, this fiber makes you feel fuller for long causing you to focus on your most important tasks for the day.

Just like Kunu Tsamiya, it’s nutritional benefits are of immense value. It consists of protein, iron, magnesium, potassium, carbohydrate,  vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 and lot more.

You don’t feel like cooking? Simply prepare Tom Brown.

Ingredients for making Tom brown food/cereal:

Tom brown ingredients
Tom brown ingredients
  • Millet, Guinea corn
  • Yellow corn
  • Soybeans
  • Groundnut/pea nuts. 

Optional Ingredients:

  • Crayfish.
  • Dates (sweetener)

Benefits  Of  Tom Brown food —Soy  Beans Cereal.

  1. It lowers cholesterol.
  2.  Its source of antioxidants helps fight free radicals.
  3. It’s good for eye vision.
  4. It controls diabetes.
  5. It reduces inflammation.
  6. It boosts energy levels.
  7. It helps to decrease high blood pressure.
  8. It helps treat coronary heart disorder.

Measurements in making Tom Brown powder:

Warning ⚠

It won’t  come out nicely if you decide to use the same measure for all the ingredients in the preparation of Tom Brown.

Size or quantity is of importance in its preparation.

Here below is  something you can start with. 

  • Yellow corn & Guinea corn(sorghum)  –  1 kg
  • Millet & Soy bean –  500g
  • Groundnut (peanuts) –  200g

In summary, the corn (Yellow and guinea corn) is usually more in quantity than the rest of the ingredients when preparing  the cereal.

The millet  and Soybeans is usually half the size of the Corn.

While groundnut is lesser of all the main ingredients used.

Note that apart from the nutritious value groundnut has, the groundnut enables  the mixture to be pasty.

However, you wouldn’t want too much of the oil groundnut has on the mixture. So, quantity and size is of importance.

How to prepare Tom Brown powder from the scratch: 

picture of Tom brown powder

1. Get dried yellow corn and guinea corn(sorghum), remove the stones and other foreign particles amongst the corn,  then roast both on fire until its turned golden brown. Don’t let it pop like popcorn, when done,  remove it, let it cool.

2. Now, roast the groundnut.  (The quantity is based on how much cereals you will use)

3. Roast the millet and the soya beans separately till it becomes brown. Don’t forget to remove the stones and other foreign particles first.

4. When done with roasting of the soya beans, grind it softly with mortal and pestle to remove the chaff. It is very important you sift the chaff away after you are done with grinding.

5 let all the Ingredients get cool.

6. Combine all the ingredients and blend the mixture with a high power blender or a local mill to blend. Don’t add water, at least not yet!

7.Tom brown powder is ready! Pour it inside a dry container to preserve it.

Watch the VIDEO on HOW to make Tom Brown HERE↓:

Step by Step Preparation of Tom Brown pap. 

If you want to prepare it for consumption…

1. Put a quantity of tom brown in a bowl, add water till it becomes pasty. Don’t add too much water.

2. Boil hot water. Then, when the water vapors bubbles is quite noticeable, add the tom brown paste.

3. Yippee!  Your cereal is ready. You can serve this yummy cereal with milk, sweeteners and some slice of bread.

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When can I start giving my baby Tom brown?

You start giving your baby Tom Brown when your breast milk is no longer sufficient enough to meet the nutritional requirement needed for you to feed your baby. This is known as complementary feeding. This is usually after 6 months of exclusive breast feeding. Thus, foods like tom brown and other semi solid foods are introduced. This is in line with WHO guidelines.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you will stop breast milk completely but you should use tom brown cereal for your baby as a complementary supplement. For babies 6 months but less than 9 months could be fed twice a day while babies above 9 months  an be fed 3 times a day.

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  1. Gift

    Is Tom brown a weight gain powder for adult? I want to gain weight.

    1. Samuel Tobi David

      Hi. Gift, Yes it is.

  2. Patience Nelson

    Hello Mr Sam,
    After following your procedure step by step, I prepared it and it was wow! Yummy yummy.
    Many thanks God bless you

  3. Anonymous

    Good morning my baby is stooling after taking the tombrown
    What could be wrong

    1. Samuel Tobi David

      Hi… dear It’s a rare case! Did you add any other sweeteners other than what was outlined? Please disuse and find the root cause.

  4. Anonymous

    Thank you for this article. Can I add dried fish before grinding my tom brown? Secondly, can I use a local mill to remove the shaft from the soy beans after roasting instead of pestle?

    1. Samuel Tobi David

      Hi dear. Yes, it’s best you let someone professionally seive it for you.

  5. Gift

    Hello sir, pls can 3months + baby take it.

    1. Samuel Tobi David

      Hi…gift. Tom brown is for all ages of life and has no side effects.

  6. Anonymous

    Thanks for this article. Please how long can tom brown in powered form last?
    Secondly, if I make tom brown for consumption and pour in a flask in the morning, will it still be good till evening?
    Thirdly, after roasting the soya beans, should I pound it while still hot?

    1. Samuel Tobi David

      Hi.. there.. Tom brown last as long as four months as long as it is properly sealed in a container. You also have to let it cool, then you remove the shaft before grinding.

    2. Cynthia

      Hi, i made Tombrown, but after grinding, sieving the chaft, i prepared it and while eating it, i could still feel some shaft in it, is that how its supposed to be?

      1. Samuel Tobi David

        Hi..Cynthia.. Its possible that you didn’t seive the shaft of the soybean well. Its best you give it to the local grinders to help you seive it.

  7. Chidimma

    Thanks for your tips Sir. Please can tom brown be given to a two months old baby since the Baby rejects breast milk completely?

    1. Samuel Tobi David


      1. Jonathan Phiri

        Sir how can someone reach out to you ?

    2. Happiness simon

      Yes learn from this side

  8. Mofolasecrown

    Hello Sam! Thanks for the great job putting the article together. But then, i would like to ask; 1. Is there a way we can have the quantity of water to boil before the mixture goes in to avoid having it watery & achieve thickness? 2. If we’re to replace this cereal for breast milk for babies, how often can we feed them with it daily & still be sure of no side effect knowing fully well that they eat time to time. 3. When you say “roast” do you mean we just turn them (corn, millet, etc.) in a dry pot & keep stiring till brown? & if yes, will thesame method be apply to groundnut? Because i have the understanding that they use sand to roast it. I hope i can get a responce to my question one after the other for more clearity. Thanks.

    1. Samuel Tobi David

      Hi Mofolase crown,

      The water quantity for making Tom brown depends on how much of it you really want to prepare… If you are familiar with the process of making making local pap (akamu). You would understand that it’s similar. You have to put the mixture in cold water first to avoid lumps before pouring the content in hot water.

      Moreso, it has been advised by nutritionist that a healthy mother should exclusively breastfeed her baby for the first six months of life. Though, You can decide to mix it along with Tom brown, it’s still nutritionally healthy. Additionally, mums can use Tom brown to wean a child from over dependence on breast.

      When I talk about roasting the ingredients… I mean you ‘stir fry’. Just pour the content in a frying pan on mid-heat fire and keep stirring till golden brown. Ensure it doesn’t get burnt. You can also use an oven too to achieve this. And for groundnut (peanut) you can use any method to roast it. You can with sand underneath as a base or directly on the heated frying pan or in an oven. Just ensure it doesn’t get burnt.

      You will get a video link to the processes soonest.
      Thank you for your amazing feedback.

      1. Wendy

        Plz mr Sam can I remove corn,millet,and Guinean corn chaff too?

        1. Samuel Tobi David

          Hi Wendy, That’s optional.

  9. Bymbollar

    Thanks so much for this detailed article. I guess all will be grinded togethet after roasting and peeling of shaft as peculiar to the ingredients

    1. Samuel Tobi David

      Hi bymbollar…
      Yes, exactly… Thanks for the amazing feedback.

  10. Francis

    It is very helpful to me. thanks allot . please can a nido be added to the tom brown after milling or the ingredient?
    How long does tom brown expire?

    1. Samuel Tobi David

      Yes… You can add your favorite milk

  11. Ugo Williams

    Please Mr Sam, can I add almond nut as sweetner?

    1. Samuel Tobi David

      Yes…you can.

  12. Samuel Prisca

    Many thanks, so helpful

  13. Deborah Moses

    My son is allergic to soybean, can I use wheat in place of soybeans? That’s guinea corn, millet, yellowcorn,wheat (instead of soybeans) and groundnuts. Thanks

    1. Samuel T David

      Hi Debby… Wow. I’m sorry about why your son’s allergy. This is first of its kind I’m hearing. Well that said your idea looks exiting but that would mean you are trying another cereal not tom-brown because the soy-bean is a required ingredient for the food.

    2. Hajia Mumtaz

      Thanks for this Tobi.Very insightful

  14. Ifeoma

    Thanks for the information. Please can the groundnut be grinded to with the other ingredients. Can the tom brown be sieved after grinding to have a very smooth power?

    1. Samuel T David

      Yes, depending on the strength of the power mill.
      No,You don’t need to seive the tom-brown.

  15. Tcee

    Pls does it makes someone fat?

      1. Kessy bella

        Pls sir it is possible for me to use already made bottle groundnut since I don’t knw to to fry groundnut thank you

        1. Samuel Tobi David

          Yes, as long as it is roasted.

  16. Sommy

    This is a very educative and mind-blowing write up. God bless you sir. Am so gonna try this.

  17. Nellykay

    Pls can i use white corn for my tom brown, and after grinding should i sift it

    1. Anonymous

      If I decide to use cray fish, at what point will I add the crayfish? Will I grind it with others?

      1. Samuel Tobi David

        Hi… You can grind it separately at first and later mix everything up in the mill.

  18. christianah

    pls after cooking the tombrown ,its not ‘drawing’ like the normal pap
    also can i make agidi from it?

  19. Joyce

    What a wonderful article, thanks but I need to be clarified. Do I shift the shaft of the yellow corn and sorghum after roasting before taking to the mill. Or is it after grinding to powder form before I shift coz am a bit confused seeing some of your replies on this.

  20. Anonymous

    Thanks so much for the tip… Pls Mr. Samuel can i add more soy beans instead of groundnut because i don’t eat groundnut. Thanks

      1. Chidimma

        Thanks so much for the Tips Sir. Please can tom Brown be given to a two months old baby as complementary food. Since the Baby doesn’t suckle breast milk?

  21. Henry

    Sir, can one please add coconut to the roasted ingredients and grind together?

    1. Samuel T David

      Hello, Henry.
      Coconut flavor is awesome as an ingredient. So also crayfish which is also added especially for babies nutrition. Now, I wouldn’t know what you really have in mind. However, this method is the classic way of making Tom-brown. Thanks.

      1. Henry

        I’m grateful for your time

  22. Nkoyo

    Hello, please can a child of 5yrs take Tom brown. Can one had milk and sugar to it?

    1. Samuel T David

      Yes, dear… Tom brown is a meal for the family. You can add milk to it as well.

      1. Anonymous

        Thanks this is really educative

  23. Mariah

    Please have being measuring all of these items ‘soya bean, Millet, guniea corn, and groundnut’ equally, hope there would be no bad effect on my baby. Thanks

    1. Samuel T David

      Yes, Mariah. Tom brown is highly nutritious for the family.

  24. Helen

    Please Sir, do this tim brown cause cough? Because I gave to my 2 years old son he started coughing and am exclusively breastfeeding a 4 months + baby and I took and I had cough and she is coughing too. I did exactly as mentioned. It was superb. Please again, add adding the Tom brown pasty to the about to boil water am I going to heat 🔥 on to get thicken

    1. Samuel T David

      Dear Helen… Yes, it thickens as it is been heated. Ensure that it starts bubbling before you remove from the heat. With that, your Tom Brown is properly cooked.

  25. Vchanya

    Waoo! what an informative article. Tnx sir

  26. Samuel Roseline

    Hi Sam thanks alot pls I still want to know if I can add sugar or is dar any other thing I can use as sweeter.

    1. Samuel T David

      Yes, dear. Sugar, honey, milk, choco, are sweetners you can use.

    2. Ogbedi Uju Christy

      Why was my tombrown bitter after preparing it, I used millet, yellow corn, beans, groundnut, dried unripe plantain, crayfish, soybeans?

      1. Samuel Tobi David

        Hi… Uju. This could be as a result of mixing it inappropriately. I suggest you stick to the simple and classic way of making tom-brown as explained in this article.

  27. Samuel Roseline

    Thanks alot Mr Samuel God bless you.Pls I want to know if I’m to wash and sundry the soya beans, guineacorn,groundunt and millet before roasting.and is it prepared same way with pap?

    1. Samuel T David

      Good day, Samuel Roseline..
      Please do not wash the ingredients with water. The process of roasting is enough to purify the seeds. When you wash with water, you loose part of the nutritional value of the cereal.

      1. Anonymous

        Hi Samuel, thanks for this.. I want to know if I can use the corn flour without roasting as we can get the cornmeal flour here in the UK. Any particular reason for roasting please?

        1. Samuel T David

          Hello there… Can you consume a fresh corn out of the farm? If the corn is not properly roasted, it’s still in its raw form. So, roasting the corn makes it quite edible to consume. Stay blessed.

      2. Dimmaa

        I really appreciate ur effort on putting up this article,, I will practicalize it. Many thanks.

  28. Blessing Anibe

    can a 3 months baby take it .

  29. Esther Eyo

    Hi, I made mine last week and I was asked to put tiger nut. Though it was my first time of taking it but I enjoyed it. But I didn’t sieve it after grinding, I just made it like that with the crumbs. Hope it won’t have any effect on me.

  30. Esther Eyo

    Hi, I made mine last week and I was asked to put tiger nut. Though it was my first time of taking it but I enjoyed it. But I didn’t sieve it after grinding, I just made it like that with the crumbs. Hope it won’t have any effect on me.

    1. Samuel T David

      Hi… Esther, Tigernut is great. It can be used as a flavor variant. It has no effect whatsoever. However, the recipe above is the classic way of preparing Tom-Brown. Thanks.

      1. Anonymous

        Please sir can I put unripe plantain

        1. Samuel T David

          Hi there… Kindly stick to the classic way of making Tom brown as shown in the article.

  31. Esther Adeoye

    Thanks so much for the tips, my mother in-law prepared it for me with only Guinea corn, soya and groundnut. But my baby was stooling after taking it. What could be the cause? Thanks

  32. Ifeima

    Why is it that you don’t wash the soya beans and the rest before grinding ?

    1. Samuel T David

      Hello… Ifeima. The roasted corn you buy on the road side, do they wash it before roasting? Washing and drying takes longer time. That’s a variation on ur part but not necessary. Both ways are still OK. Thanks.

    2. Oshiyemi Victoria

      thank for the information….is it necessary I grind the groundnut separately… please can’t I blend the groundnut together with other ingredients ..thanks

      1. Samuel T David

        Hello Oshiyemi, you are to roast them separately but grind the groundnut(peanuts)together with the remaining ingredients except soy beans.

  33. Dezy echezona

    Pls is better to grand the groundnut separatly or grand all together which one is better

    1. Samuel T David

      Hello Dezy, please grind separately the groundnut(peanuts). Thanks. ☺️

      1. Ani

        Thank you for the tip
        Please how can one preserve the grounded Tom brown for a longer period of time?

        1. Samuel Tobi David


      2. Ubong George

        Please will the date, tiger nut be fried as well?

        1. Samuel Tobi David

          No dear… Just grind it.

  34. bolanle

    pls can I grind corn, millet, guinea corn, soybean n crayfish together with d backthen later shift it together.

    1. Samuel T David

      Hello Bolanle… Kindly follow the procedures highlighted. Thanks.

  35. Miracle

    Very nice and descriptive article.. From the comments and your reply, you said that groundnut should be grinded separately, right? At what stage should I mix it with the other items?

    1. Samuel T David

      Hello.. Miracle, After you are done removing the shaft from the soybean, you then grind everything together.

  36. lawal damilola

    plz can a 3yrs old tk it as breakfast to gain weight. thks

  37. Ibukun

    Thanks for the tips. Can I grind the Soya beans at the local mill and sift the shaft since I dont have mortal and pestle?

  38. Abimbola

    Pls, I would like to know if the life shelf of Tom Brown can be up to 3months if dry crayfish is added to the process

  39. Anonymous

    Thanks for did information,pls it only d groundnut DAT I will have to grinnd separatly?

  40. omotee

    thanks for d tips, very useful but please after blending, it didn’t come out as powder but like particles (sand like). any side effect if a baby consumes it like DAT? I mix it with already milled wet corn, millet n guinea corn though.

    1. Samuel T David

      Hello… Omotee, It is very important you sift the chaff away after you are done with grinding. Thanks.

  41. Onyinye Debrah

    Nice article, I’ve been buying it from market but I’ll try do it myself with this recipes. thanks a lot, I appreciate.

    but someone told me that she add rice to her own. pls, is it good?

    1. Samuel T David

      You are welcome Onyinye, Give it a try. You will be glad you did.

  42. obiajulu ebele

    good morning sir, please when grinding the Tom brown, if I add crayfish, unripe plantain and milk favour it, will it taste nice? thanks

    1. Samuel T David

      Hi obiajulu,Thats a variation on your part. Whatever flavor or additional ingredients you decide to put is at your own purview. The classic procedure is clearly stated on the article. Thanks.

  43. Ellen

    Hi do you have them in grocery stores in usa and apart from tom brown is there any other name thanks

    1. Samuel T David

      Hi… Ellen,we will send a mail to you regarding that soonest. Thanks.

  44. Ogechi

    please when preparing tom brown, am I to pour the boiled water direct just as pap or what?

    1. Samuel T David

      Hello… Ogechi,please refer back to the procedures once again. Thanks.

  45. Samuel T David

    Hi… Idabor,You are to roast it separately and you only sift the roasted corn after you have grinded it. Thanks.

  46. Idabor ogochukwu

    Thanks for your effort. Pls should I roast corn and guinea corn together. And if I do how will I sift the roast corn back. Thanks

  47. Chidimma Bosky

    Please I don’t want 2 loose weight
    Will Tom Brown make me 2 loose or add weight?

    1. Samuel T David

      Hi… Chidinma, Tom Brown is a healthy balanced diet having no cholesterol. Your weight gain or loss will be due to your genes adaptability. Thanks.

  48. Best

    Nice article,I deeply appreciate it

    1. Samuel T David

      Thanks Best… Glad you liked it. Your encouragement keeps us going.

  49. Chioma Fatima Udenka

    Hello sir

    Can it last longer than 3months in a plastic container ? and should I remove the soya beans back after frying?

    1. Samuel T David

      Hi, chioma. It can last after 3 months.
      No, you don’t remove the soybean back after frying,you only sift the chaff after grinding the soybean.

  50. Adegwu pat

    Thank so much sir. I have been doing it but in a wrong way. Do I need to remove the back of yellow corn

    1. Samuel T David

      Hello there… You are to grind the roasted corn and sift the chaff away. Thanks.

  51. Toyen

    A friend introduced Tom Brown to me. Since Monday this week, I’ve been giving it to my baby. The problem is he did not take it the first time because it was not as sweet as Cerelac. I had to add sweetener. Can I add dates to the preparation? What about dried fish n crayfish?

    1. Samuel T David

      Hello Toyen, dates could be a sweetener variant but ensure it is well blended. Some mum’s may decide to add dried fish but if you decide ensure that it is very moderate and well blended. Thanks.

  52. onyinye

    thanks for this information .pls do I grind the groundnuts with the back after roasting

    1. Samuel T David

      No! Onyinye, You don’t do that please. When you roast the groundnut, ensure that you remove the covering. Thanks

  53. madugu t

    why not boil the the sorghum and millet and then toast to dry

    1. Samuel T David

      Hello… Madugu, kindly follow the laid down instructions please. Thanks.

  54. Timothy Greer

    Wonderful and informative article. I have a question and a comment.
    When you say “Fry” for the Groundnuts, Soybeans, and Millet do you use oil? If so how much?
    Guinea Corn in the US known as “Sorghum” when hulled and “Milo” with the red hull still on. We call Groundnuts “Peanuts”.

    1. Samuel T David

      Thanks a bunch Tim for that useful tip.
      The right word is to “roast” the millet, soy beans, sorghum and peanut as known in the USA.
      Your comments was helpful. Thanks once again.

  55. Abimbolu

    Hello Samuel,
    I want to be sure of the measurements Yellow Corn/Guinea Corn 1kg
    Those this mean 500grm each

  56. Naseeb Omar

    Please, I want to ask how long tom brown takes to expire when packaged in a plastic bag.
    Thank you

    1. Samuel T David

      As long as you keep it properly sealed and safe. However, it shouldn’t be longer than 3 months.

  57. destiny

    pls how many cup are my to use for each

    1. Samuel T David

      Hi… Destiny, The measurement is on the the article. Please read it again.

  58. Anonymous

    pls can 4month baby take it

  59. MAN JIBS

    apart from the ingredients u mentioned above is there any other ingredients that could be added

    1. Samuel T David

      Hello there…
      This is the classic way of preparing Tom Brown. I guess you stick to it.

  60. Ibrahim

    Hello Mr Samuel, In the case of ingredient mentioned, Can someone add egg’s shell? If yes, What will be its implication? Thanks

    1. Samuel T David

      Hello Ibrahim… Egg shells are loaded with calcium. No doubt about it.
      But it’s not part of the ingredients. However,if egg shells is part of your daily diet prescribed by your dietician.
      You may add the required proportion to the cereal.

      1. Anonymous

        please can you add milk as a flavor?

  61. Radmila

    I’m from Bulgaria and I’m wondering about the Cuinea corn. What is the difference between yellow corn and the Guinea corn, and if I can’t find it can I use only yellow corn?

    1. Samuel T David

      Hello Radmila, The guinea corn is brownish wine in color. While, the yellow corn is yellowish. These are readily available in the market stalls. If you could not get the guinea corn,you may still prepare the cereal with the rest of the ingredients but note that if all ingredients are in place, the better and higher the nutritional value. Thanks.

  62. Tony Cherrie

    Thank you once again. I want to also ask, is it possible for adults to prepare the mixture in a “wheat-like” form and take it with one’s choice of soup? Thanks.

    1. Samuel T David

      No…Tom brown is different. The ingredients contained won’t make it come out nicely.

  63. Tony Cherrie

    Thank you for the tips. please I want to ask a question” if the groundnut is grounded with the other ingredients,won’t it change the texture of the mixture considering the pasty nature of the groundnut “?. Is it possible to grind the groundnut separately and then add it to the mixture during preparation for consumption?

    1. Samuel T David

      Yes, Mr Tony.The groundnut should be grounded separately to avoid the sticky friction caused when grinding the groundnuts with the rest of the ingredients.

      1. Best

        Please can I use already roasted groundnut or I must buy and roast myself

  64. Amara Ify

    Why the name “Tom Brown”?
    Can I add sweetener and/ flavor to it?

    1. Samuel T David

      Hi.. Amara, Tom Brown is the traditional name given to the breakfast cereal.
      Yes! You can add sweetener like honey, sugar and ginger as a flavor. However, it has to be moderate.

  65. chi

    Please am I to use the same measurements for all the ingredients when making Tom brown

    1. Samuel T David

      Hello Chi, you are not to use the same measure for all the ingredients. It won’t come out nicely.

      1. Anonymous

        Pls sorry to disturb you sir,I followed your recipe but the amount of soya bean I added was equal to the corn and sorghum this was so that I will no longer add milk and after grinding the one prepared for consumption did not come out well it not thick.PLS I NEED YOUR HELP ON HOW TO MAKE IT THICK. THE QUANTITY I PREPARED IT was much pls I need your reply plsss

      2. Anonymous

        Hello sorry to disturb you sir, I need your help I just made my tom brown following your recipe but the soya bean I added was equal with the corn and sorghum but all the other ingredients were OK .but when prepared for consumption following your procedure the consistency was too light .Is there no way it could be amended pls I need your reply pls sir

        1. Samuel T David

          Hello there… Please follow the instructions on the quantity of its preparations on this article. Once you pour the grinded mixture,Keep stirring until it thickens.Thus, you’ve got to be patient. Thanks.

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