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How to prepare Tiger nuts milk shake and Smoothies.

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Tiger nuts – the yellow rounded nuts edge found underneath the soil surface is one of nature’s gift to man.

This highly rich in fiber substance are not really nuts but tubers.

For a lot of decades ago, our forefathers had tapped into this wonder nature.

No wonder it had a toll on their longevity.

Today, I will be revealing to you the immense benefits of yellow nuts edge.

Dried tiger nuts
Dried tiger nuts

Benefits of Tiger nuts.

1. It’s rich in vitamins and minerals. 

Tiger nuts are very rich in vitamins C, E, and potassium and phosphorus which is necessary for a healthy living.

Adding this nuts edge to your yoghurt or smoothies will give your body the daily required amount of vitamins and nutrients it needs.

For instance, this nuts edge contains 15 percent of magnesium necessary for strengthening bone, nerve and muscle activities.

2. It’s healthier than lactose. 

Not everyone can drink cow’s milk (fura) because of lactose intolerance.

Thus, taking tiger nuts becomes a healthy substitute against cow’s milk.

More so, the calcium contained in tiger nuts helps in the formation and development of teeth and bones in children.

Isn’t that awesome? Contemplating of taking cow’s milk, take this nuts edge.

3. It has a high fiber content.

Tiger nuts has 33 percent high fiber content and which enables you to feel fuller for a longer time.

This is because the fiber is higher than other food-like fibers.

e.g food like cabbage, carrot, rice, oatmeal, apple, soybeans. etc.

4. It aids digestion. 

Struggling with constipation or improper digestion?

How about stomach upsets like diarrhea and stomach cramps?

5. It regulates diabetes.

Tiger nuts are beneficial for diabetic patients.

It’s fiber helps in controlling blood sugar levels in patients bringing it to an equilibrium.

6. It helps improve Sexual health.

This nuts edge serves as a remedy to erectile dysfunction, infertility, low sperm production.

This traditional remedy has proven to be more effective than medications from a medical doctor.

You want to boost your over Sexual health? Try this nuts edge!

7. It boosts potassium levels.

If you frequently do workout or engage in any physical activity that requires the exertion of your muscles as the case may be, the amount of potassium needed by your body is higher.

This increase is needed to regulate muscle contraction, blood flow and digestive processes.

Therefore taking it helps to boost the level of potassium in the human body.

Now to the main gist.

Let’s see how to make Tiger nuts milk shake.

Tiger nuts milk shake is creamy and rich in flavor.
How do we do it? Relax. In a moment please.

How to make Tiger nuts milk shake.


1. Tiger nuts (dried or fresh).
2. Honey.

Note – The quantity is at your own discretion.

Step by step preparation of tiger nut milk drink.

1. Wash the tiger nuts and soak it in a bow of water.

2. Cover the bowl of soaked nuts edge with a cloth for 2 days.

3. Uncover the cloth, drain the water and blend the tiger nuts.

4. Add some sweetener such as honey when blending it.

5. Make sure that it is properly blended so that it comes out smooth and thick.

6. Finally, serve the drink cold.

You don’t like the plain nuts edge milk shake?

How about making a smoothie with the nuts edge.

Here are other variations of preparing nuts edge smoothies.

What you need do is to add other ingredients.


1. Tiger nuts (dried or fresh)
2. Coconut
3.Dates fruit
4. Banana
5. Avocado pear
6. Apple.
7. Pine apple (optional)
8. Ginger.

Tiger nut Smoothie ingredients
Ingredients for tiger nuts Smoothie


1. Two cups of tiger nuts

2. One coconut

3. Two pieces of banana.

4. 1 avocado.

5. 10 dates.

6. 1 medium ginger

7. One quarter of pineapple fruit.

8. 1 Apple.

Procedures in preparing Tiger nuts smoothie.

1. Wash the nuts edge and soak for 1-2 days and cover with a cloth.

2. Next, uncover the cloth, blend the tiger nuts. Ensure that the water used in soaking it is slightly above the tiger nut.

3. separate the milk from the chaff of the nuts edge and pour the milk in a bowl.

4. Dice your coconuts into shreds and blend it with water slightly above the water that is required.

5. Serve the coconut milk from the chaff and pour into another bowl.

6. Next, wash your dates, remove the seeds and cut the dates into pieces and soak it for 20-30 minutes.

7. Blend the dates. You will notice a syrup-like extract. It actually serves as a sweetener.

8. Pour the blended dates in another cup separately.

9. Wash the avocado and peel off its skin and remove the seeds and neatly dice them.

10. Next, peel the skin of the banana and dice it.

11. Finally, mix up everything. You may decide to add pineapple or apple fruit.

12. Pour it in a blender and blend till it becomes finely smooth and serve chilled.

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Now you can enjoy the rich taste of the drink.

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    Samuel Tobi David

    Hi Rahamat… It’s actually optional. You can choose between the apple fruit or the pineapple fruit and you can as well add both to your Smoothie. It’s based on your taste.

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    Excellent but u didn’t tell us when to put apple

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