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How to make your baby eat more.

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If your baby is not eating his or her meals, there are a host of factors that may be responsible. This can be very depressing  for first time mums.

Research has it that the decrease in appetite for food in babies is a contributory  factor to post-partum among nursing mothers.

So if you are a mum ,you’ve got to be aware of this so that you won’t  be part of the number.

Why your baby doesn’t eat much.

Mother and baby

1. Teething.

This is a normal period in a baby’s life. Babies may loose their appetite from food during teething because of the pain they feel when their teeth is shooting our of their gum. Thus, the slightest pain can be painful. Babies try to avoid food during  this period.

What to do.

Make sure your baby takes a lot of fluid during this period in substitution for solids. Give yogurt to older babies.

2. Too much heat.

Babies react discomfort in different ways. One of the way a baby react is not to be interested in eating much. Thus,  when babies sweat too much, they become uncomfortable and this can hamper their desire and appetite for food.

What to do.

  • wear loose or light clothing for your baby during harsh weather conditions.
  • Give your baby frequent baths but make sure that the water is room temperature.
  • let the room of the baby be well ventilated.

3. The cycle of some food satiety.

Foods that takes time to digest may cause a baby to loose appetite for other foods. Tom-brown, whole grains are foods that may decrease a babies appetite because of their rich fiber content.

What to do.

  • give adequate gaps in between meals to enable the cycle of some foods to be completed before introducing another.

4. Weaning your baby.

Introducing solid food to a baby who had been on breast milk may be a process some babies may not find it easy to adjust.

At such times their appetite may drop,and  this can be worrisome.

What to do.

Start with smaller quantities of food till she adjusts. You have to be patient. Make sure you are not force-feeding, because I may lead to death.

5. Worms.

When last did your baby dewormed. Babies may be infested by worms.

These worms eat up the food of babies. This intestinal parasites can cause loss of appetite and other health problems such as vomiting and diarrhea.

What to DO ?

See a physician.

6. Growth rate.

From 0-6 month, babies grow fast and slows down from 6-18 months. So babies who are a year or more older eat less than when they were toddlers.

What to do.

Relax. Understand that quality is much more important than quantity at such situations.

7. Sore throat.

A strep throat can cause a baby’s appetite to decrease. Why? The soreness makes it difficult to swallow.

What to do.

See a physician.

8. Anemia.

When Iron is low in a baby’s diet, the child becomes weak, fragile and easily tired. This can reduce the baby’s appetite.

What to do.

Make sure that the baby’s meals are adequately rich in iron.

9.Too much fluid intake.

When babies take much water and other fluids, this may decrease a baby’s appetite for breast-milk or other solids.

10. Food tolerance.

Some babies are food sensitive. They actually select the kind of food they eat. Some are sensitive to soy milk etc.

Thus, babies appetite becomes decreased if they are not pleased with the food offered.

What to do.

Give them what they want. Don’t force-feed them on what they are not interested in or find repulsive to.

Learn more about Tom brown baby food Here.  Yummy, most babies love it!

Hope you’ve learnt something?


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