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How to make money online at home in Nigeria

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It is possible to make money online or earn a living online.

We are living in the 21st century where most things or businesses requires an online activity.

Whether you are looking for a fast way to make some money or you don’t mind if it would take time, there are definitely some sustainable ways you can make money at home with little or no cash at hand.

What is required is just an internet connection.

This article exposes you to the tips you require in succeeding in the online world but you have to understand that this is no make-shift for you not to do your own personal research and process involved in succeeding online.

But you can set up your own time, work anywhere as much as you want.

How to make money online.

How to make money online.

1. Blogging.

Every aspect of life today from, politics, sport, entertainment, lifestyle etc today needs information.

Thus, you can tap or leverage into this online world and contribute your own quota on it.

You can make money while blogging, though if you are a newbie, it may take you some time before you can start seeing some visible progress but that is one sure way you can build passive income.

If you have passion/interest on any topic of life. You can express yourself and make money with a blog.

You can decide to start a free blog like or you can start a paid website with low hosting price which is the best on the long run like

This is because free blogging sites has restrictions especially when it comes to advertising and what you can do.

You can through your blog make money  blogging by leveraging on Google adsense.

When you partner with Google adsense, you are required to place a code on your site which triggers a relevant ad to appear on your blog and when someone clicks on it, you get paid.

Aside google adsense, you can work with other advertising networks like blogads.

They will place either videos or banners on your site. This is done if you are having lots of traffic on your site.

2. Affiliate Marketing.

How to start an online business

This is a referral program where companies online pay you commissions  for helping them sell their products and services on the internet.

This happens if you have a site where you advertise on behalf of your affiliate, so if anyone click on your leads, with any sales made, a commission is sent to you, isn’t this awesome.

Now, most companies will need a functional blog which can help them advertise their products or services and if you have a functional blog, you are good to go.

3. Coaching/ Consulting business.

How to make money online.

You can also make money online rendering your wealth of knowledge on a particular area of study.

Though for credibility, you may need some certification as an authority on that specific field of study but it’s not necessary.

What you need is to have a empathy and understanding for people.

You can offer people coaching/consulting expertise on life, business, health, digital and, food and lots more.

All this you can do from this from the comfort of your home.

And if you have technical abilities like negotiations and sales and you can spur others into action,coaching/consulting business online is a good ground for you to explore in your money making adventure.

4. YouTube videos.

How to start an online business

One website you can leverage on in your money making online is YouTube.

YouTube has one billion users using and watching YouTube everyday.

You can create a how-to video on any niche you have passion or interest for.

You then make money when an ad shows up on your videos.

So create a YouTube account and start uploading videos and enable monetization.

Companies can also pay you if you have a large following on your YouTube videos.

You can create videos bothering on food, health, relationships, career, motivation etc with your smartphone or a video camera.

When creating your YouTube videos, ensure that your lighting and audio is of good quality.

Once you are done recording, you can make use of the video editing tools like filmora.

Engage more audiences on all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, whatsapp etc.

5. Digital products.

How to start an online business

You can sell e books, webinars, which have been recorded or audios online.

This is another way you can build passive income because you can get any sales at any given time.

On your e book, you can write on subject matters like education, religion, relationship, business, digital marketing, technology etc.

Then leverage on Amazon Kindle which will provide you with some useful skills in learning how to recognize niches they are quite profitable.

Though, you have to have an in depth knowledge about the subject matter. This is another way you can start making money online.

6. Sell your photos.

How to make money online

If you are a professional photographer or you have some beautifully, well taken photos, you can make money with this online.

Sites like shutterstock, istockphoto, Adobestock, dreamstime are great sites where you can apply to in your bid to making money online.

What you just need is an interest in photography and good quality pictures.

7. Teach a language.

How to start an online business

If you are very fluent in speaking your language or another. This is a great opportunity for you to monetize your skill.

You can use your free time at home to teach someone a new language.

Some folks are looking for language tutors probably because they need it for job employability or for travel purposes.

Thus, rendering your self available can solve their problem and at the same time earning you some bucks.

You can get started on sites like italki, teacheron.

8. Sell your own stuffs online.

How to make money online

There are some e commerce sites that allows you to sell just about anything online.

Sites like,, gives you the opportunity to make sales online of any tangible products.

You can leverage on this opportunity by selling your books, wedding dresses, jewelries, electronics, mobile phones and other gadgets you no longer need.

Isn’t that awesomazing? What you need do is to take a shot of this unwanted items and write a very honest description of the package and advertise them on their site.

You will be only charged a little commission for using their site which could be as low as 3% commission.

9. Graphic/logo design.

How to make money online

If you are very creative and you love to sketch or you are very imaginative and can design.

You can make money online designing for other people. You just need to find where they are.

What you just need do is to master the basics. You can lay your hands on tools like Adobe photoshop, coreldraw, illustrator or learn from

Then, you can sell your intellectual property to sites like 99design, upwork etc.

10. Do network marketing.

How to make money online

This is also known as multi level marketing. Here, companies typically give you several ways to earn.

First, you can profit by marketing the company’s products or services to others.

You can also use the products yourself and essentially become your own customer. Finally, you can recruit others.

There are a lot of network marketing companies in Nigeria.

We have Oriflame, neolife, herbalife, Ragp, longrich, Jamalife etc.

You can easily build passive income through network marketing.

You don’t need to quit your job. Will you like to join a network marketing company, I can recommend one for you.

Click on this link and talk to me privately.

Or learn more on  how to register with Jamalife helpers network marketing.

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