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How to gain weight fast in three weeks.

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Ok… You want to gain weight fast and still be healthy? 

Gaining weight is something that is frowned in our society today.

Most people want to loose weight and become more active, trimmer and fit.

However, there are instances where gaining weight (the right amount) is very important to feel good in your body and skin. 

There could be instances such as being ill for a while or you could be having a birthday, wedding or an important activity and you need to put on some flesh.

There could be no better time as such.

An underweight person is an unhealthy person.

How to know that you are underweight.

When a person’s BMI (body mass index) is below 18.5. That person is said to underweight.

On the other hand, when someone’s BMI  is over 25, that person is said to be overweight.

You can check yours here.

BMI, Weight gain

This BMI calculator calculates your weight, height, age and a host others yo determine if you are underweight or overweight.

But there’s a problem with the BMI scale. It does not take height into consideration except weight.

Have you found out your body type? 

Thus, it may not be accurately because someone may be naturally thin and yet healthy but generally being underweight is a different ball game.

How to gain more weight

  1. Eat more calories than you can burn. 

This is one of the simplest ways to build your weight to what you really desire.

Eat up to 500 calories per day if you want to build your weight.

Don’t just eat 3 large meals, you can eat 4-6 smaller meals in a day.

For a faster result, you can add more calories to this.


Don’t think because you are naturally skinny, you can’t gain weight. That’s not true.

What is true is that to gain weight, you have to eat more calories than the average person.

Once you calories intake is more than what you burn, only then can you gain weight. 

2. Take lots of protein.

This is my favorite. If you want to build a weight that is healthy, increase your protein intake. Be intentional.

Meat, protein for weight gain

Ensure that your proteins are higher per day. This is very beneficial for athletes and muscle building persons.

Its been proven that excess proteins are what turns into muscle mass.

So instead of those extra calories to turn to fat, they are converted to muscles

It’s worthy to note that we should be conscious of our food servings because protein makes the body feel fuller and may decrease appetite, so, don’t be fooled.

Just make sure that you have eaten the required amount of calories necessary to gain your desired weight. 

We have different sources of protein like Tom brown, fish, milk, meat, beans are good to gain a very healthy weight.

Find out how tom brown can help you gain weight here.

3.  Eat more carbohydrates.

Adding carbs to your proteins is another way if gaining weight matters to you.

Make sure your meals are consistent and ensure you add snacks in-between your meals as supplement to your regular meals. 


4.  Have a food diary. 

You need to track the what amount you eat and when you actually eat especially for the first 3 weeks of your weight gain plan. 

Food diary

If you have a diary, you can take records of your what you eat and you will notice that you aren’t really eating well enough.

It actually takes 3 weeks fora new habit to be formed.

5. Eat more energy filled foods and use spices lavishly. 

Foods that are rich in energy nutrients can boost one’s overall weight.

Also, foods or sauces that are spicier are said to help in gaining weight. 


Foods like peanuts, almonds, dates, whole milk, oats, rice, yams, cocoyam, cassava, chicken, chocolates, Avocado, yoghurt, Avocado oil are helps in weight gain.

6. Hit the gym. 

To build your weight, you also have to lift some weight and build your body.

Your biceps, triceps, abs, calf, etc. has to be built.

Gym for weight gain

This ensures that your calories are not stored as fats but converted as muscles. 

A healthy start is to be regular at the gym at least 3 times in a week.

Make sure you have a good instructor that can help you monitor your progress.

You see, taking more protein diets, carbs and energy foods plus lifting heavy weights enables you to become a better version of what you truly desire.

Do you desire a calorie meal replacement instead of the calories you get from food, find it here. 


If you want to gain weight, eat more calories than you can burn. 

Other tips to gain more weight. 

  • Eat snacks in between meals. 
  • Take whole milk. It’s richer in protein and is good for building your body. 
  • Don’t use small plates when dishing out your food. 
  • Creatine supplements are helpful for gaining weight. 
  • Sleep well. Your body cells needs time to work on the foods and weights you are taking in to your body. 
  • Drink more fluids. Apart from the immense benefit like detoxification, water helps significantly to increase your weight. Taking more water hydrates your skin cells, giving your body a chance to add to its weight.
  • Repeat all the above process. 

Finally, it’s a habit thing. Once you begin to stick to this ways you will be able to gain weight plus you have to be consistent. 


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