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Green tea and other foods that fight off stress.

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Green tea, Banana, Avocado and some other foods are nature’s way of helping us relief stress.

Now, stress is a normal part of life’s routine. We all experience stress in our daily lives.

There is a good stress and there is a bad stress.

The good stress is very important especially in maintaining the body’s equilibrium.

The issue now is about bad stress. It is toxic to our system.

It is one of the causes of countless numerous health disorder.

They are various relaxation techniques that can help you overcome the bane of stress.

However, you can try some certain food which have proven to fight stress and bring your body optimally to that equilibrium you have always desired.

Following this daily diet routine will help you cope with life’s pressures.

1. Oatmeal

This breakfast cereal is usually cooked in milk. It is greyish brown in color and is very rich in nutrients which is essential for your body to feel the burst of energy it needs thus making your mood better.

Oatmeal food

When you take Oatmeal, a feel good chemical is released called serotonin which helps  fight stress patterns, helping you maximize your day’s productivity levels thereby leaving you with a sense of control.

2. Avocado.

These are large yellowish-green or black pulpy fruit rich in vitamins k and folate which is necessary for the prevention of blood clotting in the brain, thus improving brain cognitive powers.

Avocado food

Stress is as a result of changes in the neural receptors in our brain.

The avocados are also rich in vitamins C and B which helps elevate mood tones.

3. Nuts

Peanut, ground nut, cashew, walnut, almonds are mood boosters.

These foods are rich in protein containing serotonin and thianine.

Nut food

When you take the nuts first thing in the morning, there is a burst of energy which helps to curb the bane of stress.

3. Bananas

Rojo, a footballer who plays for Manchester united as at 2017 was handed a banana during a football match as a motivator for his tenacity in carrying out his defensive duties on the pitch by his coach, Jose Mourinho.

But why bananas?

Banana food


Bananas have magnesium, potassium, and calcium which helps the body to relax under pressure.

Also,  if you are having difficulty falling asleep as a result of stress, try taking bananas, it helps control insomnia and relaxing your nerves.

5. Green Tea.

This is a beverage brewed from green tea leaves. Green tea boost the body’s metabolism rate.

Green tea food

Taking green tea first thing in the morning helps your mind to stay alert coping with negative pressures that may rise up in the work environment.

Thus, if you want to curb stress and boost your cognitive performance, take green tea twice a day.

6. Honey.

Nature viscous sweet fluid gotten from nectar often used to sweeten tea or spread on baked goods contains the normal dose of glucose and fructose which produces a chemical called orexin which enables the attention and alertness of someone under stress helping him or her to have the I-am-in-control-attitude.

Honey food

7. Chocolate.

This is gotten from cocoa, which is usually dark brown color helps to fight and manage stress, thus elevating one’s mood.


8. Eggs.

This contains cholesterol which is an important constituents in brain cells.

They contain a choline which participates in the chemical reaction that produces acetylcholine necessary for maintaining cognitive wellness.


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