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Foods you should eat before you workout in the gym .

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What you eat just before workout is very importance if you really want to optimize your performance during and after the activity reducing muscular injury to the barest minimum.

Have you ever felt a cramp on your abdomen or any muscular part of your body after workout.

This may be as a result of the foods you have been eating before a workout.

It could also be as a result of not eating anything at all.

If you truly want to get optimal results during and after your workout.

You need to be very intentional about what you really eat and when to eat it as well.‎

You don’t just hit the gym without a pre-workout meal plan.

You need to understand the basics. You need to understand the major food nutrients and its effects on your body in getting your desired results.

There’s more!

Food nutrients needed for workout. 

There are 3 major macro nutrients your body needs before a workout. These are proteins, fats and carbohydrates.


Proteins are body-building foods that helps you to build and tone your muscle optimally helping you to avoid the risk of an injury.

Beans is a source of protein. Taking proteins before workout helps you to build endurance during workout.

You will discover that your strength has increased.

However, you will need fats and carbs to ensure that protein is synthesized.


These are healthy fats that the body uses and is quite necessary for the development of muscles.

These kind of fats helps to change the functions of the body and maintaining the firmness of the skin as well as toning your muscles.

When you engage in long walks or cardio, it is fats that helps you to keep going.

Thus, as you burn fat, you build muscle in the process.


The importance of carbs is when your workout is short but of high-intensity.

These carbs are in glucose form. They are moved from the blood vessels to the muscles and liver stored in form of glycogen.

Glycogen is now converted into glucose and is being used whenever the body needs it.

Examples of carbs are rice, corn etc. When your body is depleted of carbs, the muscles and liver which is the largest organ in the body coordinating various body functions will become ineffective due to insufficient amounts of glycogen to convert into glucose which will be required by the body.

When the right amount of carbs in the body is lacking before a workout, the body feels weak easily and tired.

Carbs is a very good nutrition in maintaining the optimal performance of a workout during and after.

It is worthy to also note that you need the right amount of the 3 major nutrients of balanced diet.

Thus, I recommend Tom Brown cereal. A pasty meal good before exercising.

What is the required amount of food nutrients before workout?

Balance is very important in choosing the amount of Carbohydrate, protein and fats to maintain optimal performance of your muscles, bones and the brain.

You need the required amounts of fats to charge you up during your endurance workout.

You need the required amounts of protein for muscle tone and recovery and also the required amount of carbohydrate to maintain your energy levels during your fitness program.

According to research, your meal before going to the gym should contain 40% of Carbohydrate, 30% of protein and 20% of fat.

This will improve optimal performance during your fitness program.

What to eat and when to eat before a workout plan

1. If  you must take liquid, make sure it contains carbohydrate and protein 30-1hr before hitting the gym.

An orange or banana, a cup of soy milk.

2. If it is 2 hours before a workout. It must contain the 3 main classes of food nutrients-carbs, fats and protein.

Examples:  A bowl of Tom Brown or oatmeal. Some loans of bread spread with butter. you can also take a litre of yoghurt before the workout.

3. If it is 2-3 hours before a workout, you can take beans pottage, chicken steak, Boiled plantain/veggies.

Top Foods to eat before workout.

1.  Smoothies

This is a drink made from whole fruit usually thicker than fruit juice.

It is highly effective if you want to engage in an endurance fitness program or any workout with high-intensity usually taken under 1 hour before a workout program.


2. Protein drinks.

There are some protein drinks that are available on the go especially if you really need to do the workout in the next 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Protein shakes before workout
Protein shakes

These protein drinks can be taken in addiction with fruits. example is soy milk drink

3. Boiled sweet potato and brown rice with fish.

Brown rice
Brown rice

Rice/potato is a good source of Carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals.

While fish is a good source of protein helping in the toning and development of your muscles.

4. Chicken steak / Boiled plantain/veggies.

This is good especially if you are in the mode of loosing weight.

Chicken steak is a very good source of protein and fats and plantain, a good source of Carbohydrate

Chicken steak
Chicken steak

5. Wheat Bread/ Avocado/ egg.

Wheat is a cereal grain of the genus Triticum that yields flour.

It could be used to make bread. Bread is a good source of Carbohydrate.

Wheat bread
Wheat bread

Avocado is also rich in good fats and egg is also a good source of protein.

6. Banana

Banana is a good source of energy. If you want a quick burst of energy before you go to the gym, banana is just good for you.

It contains carbohydrates and its calories are moderate.

Banana food

7. Omelette

In making omelette, before a workout program, use only the egg white and not the yoke.

Add some onions, tomatoes, peppers and other spices.

This can be taken 2-3 hours before workout.

Omelette food

8. Yoghurt / fruits

This is usually for those on the go.


Yoghurt and fruit serves as a quickie especially if you are starting your workout plan in the next 30-1hr period.

Examples: Hollandia yoghurt.

You can learn how to restore your eating patterns and diet here.

Benefits of eating the right food just before workout.

  1. It prevents muscle cramps.
  2. It allows your body to be ready to absorb pressure and intensity.
  3. You build strength during and after your workout plan.
  4. You muscle tone is firmer and recovers fast.
  5. ‍It increases your muscle endurance and willpower
  6. Your skin becomes well toned and elastic.
  7. It helps you achieve your fitness goals.
  8. It psychologically sets you up in the mood to subject your body to workout activity.

Guessed, you have had it.

The basic food elements must be balanced for you to gain optimal performance during and after your workout program.

Don’t just workout, have a meal plan first.



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