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Fitness For Your Body type

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For your fitness plan, it’s important you understand your body type, if you want to keep fit.

There are different workout regimen for different body types. Our bones and structures differ in sizes.

Some of us are naturally slim and some of us are on the bigger side. Understanding this factors will have a tremendous impact on your fitness plan.

our genetic trait and our muscle belly length is also a predetermined factor. The way we burn fat also is based on our body types.

Thus, to build a great body, it is best we understand the various workout or fitness regimen for body sizes.

American psychologist William Herbert Sheldon categorized human physique into three basic elements.

He called body types— somatotypes [Ectomorph, endomorph,mesomorph].


These are people with slim and delicate bodies. They are hard gainers.

They are perhaps one of the healthiest people we have on planet earth with fewer illnesses and diseases.

Ectomorph naturally have small muscle mass and find it difficult gaining weight. We probably know one or two people who no matter how they eat, they seem to remain the way they are.

Ectomorphs could be either tall or short. They usually have narrow shoulders,their wrist, ankles,knee caps and hips are smaller than normal and have a faster metabolism rate.

That is to say, what they seem to eat quickly evaporates.


Endomorph have rounded bodies.Their bone and structure are usually heavy. They have larger hips, knee caps ,wider waist and their metabolism rate is the slowest of all body types.

Endomorph are naturally big. So they don’t need to add more weight to their bodies. They mostly try to find ways of reducing their body mass and if determined can get their desired physique through an organized regimen.


Mesomorph have well-defined natural muscles. They are naturally strong too. Their shoulders are wide with great chest, medium sized-joint and thinner hips.

They are genetically gifted. Their metabolism rate is normal. Great athletes like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone are all mesomorph.

Fitness plan according to your body type. 

It’s a fact to say that we cannot be 100% ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph.

We are usually in between these body types.

You may be a mesomorph and also lean towards being somewhere between a mesomorph and an endomorph because you can easily add weight.

Or you may have ectomorph qualities and can still add no weight, having little qualities of a mesomorph.

However, you are more closer to a particular body type and finding your body type will help you identify the fitness regimen best for your physique.

Fitness for Ectomorph. 

If you lean towards being an ectomorph, you know that you are naturally lean and you do have a fast metabolic rate.

I mean you burn calories faster. Thus, it is best you try not to strain your muscles with heavier weight.

Your workout duration should be between 30 minutes to 1 hour, 3 times weekly. If the duration of your workout is longer than this, you are over tasking your muscles.

Monday’s, Thursdays and Saturdays are ideal for ectomorph. Avoid long marathon session. Give enough room for your workout and recovery session.

Go with the lower rep. 8-10 range. Avoid high intensity workout. Note that your goal should be to add more muscles and improve your physique and not to reduce your weight, so avoid high intensity cardio activities as much as possible.

Fitness for Endomorph. 

As highlighted earlier, endomorph have slower metabolism and have a large body mass.

If you lean towards being an endomorph, you will have to do some high intensity workout for your cardio.

Endomorph seems to get the best out of a workout fitness program if they are determined to reach their fitness goals.

If you carry heavier weights with shorter recovery sessions, you tend to burn calories.

However, if the recovery session is poor, you will add more Weight and if that is what you want, train like all your life depends on it with low reps and plenty of rest in between the sets.

Shorter bouts of rest in between sets helps endomorph burn calories easily. Also, if you are an endomorph, do more squats and deadlift to increase your metabolism rate and also skip your rest days.

When you are not in the gym, make sure you are engaged in something that takes energy from you. Remember you’ve got one objective. Burn!

Fitness for Mesomorph.

The fitness plan for the Mesomorph is demanding. If you are gifted with a natural build, to enhance your body type, you have to be more consistent and passionate about it.

You have to work harder than the other two body types. You have to push your body above your limit.

This may require you to stay more longer on the workout sessions after all body types have left.

From 1-3 hours, you go hard on your body. Your reps should be as low as 4-6 range or as high as 15-20, Boy, you have hit the jack pot.

Avoid steroids as much as possible. You don’t need it. Plus make sure the body supplements you are using is moderate too.

Endomorph hit it hard for their cardio, while ectomorph avoids it. Yours should be moderate, don’t hit it hard or avoid it.



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