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How to find The True love Of Your Life.

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True love isn’t really hard to find. However, meeting the true love of your life is an effort you make on your part and what you also do to yourself.

You have to be it to attract it.

You cannot find the love of your life if you have not first loved yourself and others too.

The way you love yourself will enable you to attract it.

Below are ways you can find true love.

How to find true love.

  • Meet people

As you walk through your neighborhood, shopping mall or in a church service, taxi, music concert, prayer meetings or just anywhere.

It’s an opportunity to find the love of your life.

Therefore your attitude and dispositions really matters a lot.

He that must have friends much show himself to be friendly.

Thus, when you meet people, what you say, how you say it, when you say it increases your chances of meeting the love of your life.

Make sure you make meaningful conversations whenever you meet people.

Always make your first impression count.

But keep it simply simple and try to act very natural.

If you are using humor, don’t be too animated or try to say too much or too less.

Try to establish a bond or chemistry with the person because that is the starting point.

You may fix a date which will involve just the two of you.

Find more on how to make anyone like you here.

  • Be casual on your first date.

Remember you are looking for the love of your life, so you’ve got to be casual and not looking very serious.

Fix a neutral and relaxed environment like a restaurant or any lighted place where people are readily available.

Keep your discussions strictly casual. Get to know the basics about your significant other and share yours too.

But don’t reveal too much on a first date.

Examples of things you could discuss are where you schooled, your pets, your hobbies, the weather, the community. etc.

Just make sure you both talk.

Don’t be too emotional on your first date, be in charge of your feelings.

  • Make eye contact.

The eye is the window of the soul.

When someone truly loves you, their pupils tend to dilate.

Thus, true love has a sign in the eyes.


As you talk, make eye contact, watch the significant person’s eyes, you will notice the blink of the eyelid.

Then, take your eyes temporarily while talking, then look again.

Do you catch them staring at you?

If yes, then chances that they truly  love you is high.

This is because what the mind tries to hide, the eyes reveals it.

There are other subtle signs which reveals someone’s love for you.

  • Look for opposites.

We all know that opposites attracts. Likes repels.

Now, I am not saying that you should look for someone who is way off your league.

No. I actually mean that you should find someone who despite you are different in your personality, there is a place where you both meet where great understanding is shared.

It’s like the cap of a pen fitting in perfectly to the pen itself.

If you are the more outgoing type, a well reserved personality may be of a proper blend in finding true love because both of you will end up appreciating each other’s strength.

To find true love, look for someone opposite your kind of person.

According to Tim La Haye, an authority on marriage and relationships, he opined that opposites personality type couples usually have satisfying, emotional, sexual relationships.

  • Build emotional closeness.

Emotional intimacy is key in a relationship than physical closeness.

Humans are emotional creatures.

To find true love, find someone who you connect with emotionally first before any other thing.

I mean someone who can reflect your innermost feelings, someone who can respond positively to your emotional desires.

If you find such compatibility, you may have found your true love.

Building emotional closeness starts with sustained conversations.

You will then know if you have an emotional connection with that person.

  • What true love is not.

  1. True love doesn’t compels you to do something dangerous.It doesn’t force.  it releases.The love of your life doesn’t make you do what you don’t want to do. This statement is spelt out clear in the difference between infatuation and love.
  2.  True love is not possessive. It can still go on with or without you. Anyone who says he or she will die without you is not your true love.
  3. True love will allow you to be yourself. It loves you for you are and not what you are. It doesn’t seek to change the other person. If someone who claims to love you often complain about you on a whole lot of things and wants to always change your kind of person and style, I’m afraid that’s not your true love.

This list is not exhaustive.

You can share with me other ways you think you can meet the love of your life. I will gladly respond.

To your success.

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