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The Emotional Needs of Women

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Women are more emotional than men.

However, majority of men find it difficult to understand what women truly want.

A woman has an emotional bank account with the man of her dreams.

The more he invest in her emotionally, the more he can withdraw from her emotional bank account.

In other words, he gets back what he deposited in her emotionally.

How does a man get the best of a woman or how can he win her over and also keep her emotionally available?

Below are the ways a man can gain access to the heart of the woman of his dreams.

What Women Wants From Men.

1. Emotional Intimacy.

Emotional needs of women
Emotional Intimacy

To be emotionally intimate means to be close or open to someone’s emotions.

Another word for emotional Intimacy is affection.

A woman needs to be affected by her man.

When a man is affectionate, he conveys a message that he will take care of her. He  is concerned about her well-being and he will always be there for her.

A woman needs to feel loved by her man and appreciated.

She needs to feel that she is beautiful in his eyes.

She also needs to feel that the love she shares with her man is strengthened as the days goes by.

A woman wants to feel that she is special in some situations (e. g She will like her man to show her off to his friends or  invite her for a dinner)

A woman may shrug at the thought of a man she is married to wanting sex without being emotionally available to her.

A woman also wants her man to understand the fact that her jokes may be actually what she actually meant.

In other words, her yes may mean No and her No may mean Yes.

This is to say that an emotionally intimate man should be able to decipher her truest feelings.

A man’s emotional closeness shows his confirmation of his love for her.

How then can a man be emotionally intimate to a woman?

There are a lot of ways (through dinner treats, text messages, holding hands, helping her with her hand bag , holding the door for her, giving gifts that are thoughtful and evening walks.

These are some of the numerous ways a man can show that he truly cares about the feelings of the woman of his dreams.

At this moment, a woman can feel she is in to committed relationship. It’s like a seal to her heart.

Additionally, women are like babies, Her man needs to pamper her tenderly, succumbing to most of her emotional demands.

A man who has an understanding of this should be able to know instinctively, her emotional demands 60-70% of the time.

Thus, a man’s actions means more to the woman of his dreams.

A man will get his woman head over heels when he is truly sensitive to her truest feelings.

2. Security.

Emotional Intimacy of women

This is a woman’s greatest emotional need.

She doesn’t want to feel threatened whether physically, psychologically or financially.

The man of her dreams must be able to give her this need.

She needs to feel secured by the man.

For instance, imagine you work for an organization and you earn salary monthly at a particular date of the month, let’s say 25th of every month.

Now, that’s a security; a guarantee, an assurance.

You are sure you will get your reward for job done at the end of the month.

That’s how it is with a woman.

A woman wants to feel that her man will come through for her physically, emotionally and financially.

To get the best of a woman, a man must ensure that a woman feels secured with his love.

Thus, a man should communicate that he can provide for her financially.

He should also be able to inform her of his past, present and future escapades.

Therefore, for her to feel safe, effective communication must be top-notch in meeting the emotional need of the woman of his dreams.

3. Conversations.

Emotional needs of women

Women are wired to talk more than a man would.

Research has proven that the average woman speak 20,000 words a day. 13,000 more than the average man.

If a woman is not talking to her man, there’s no doubt that she is not intimate with him.

Girls by nature learn to speak earlier and quicker than most boys.

That’s the way a woman is configured. It’s her default settings.

The more a woman talks to a man, the deeper the affection for that man.

Now, it’s not just her talking that matters to her but her dialogue or interaction with the man of her dreams.

Therefore, a wise man doesn’t let her keep talking but would respond to her chats.

A woman truly desires her man to engage in a worthwhile conversations with her.

The man she respects must listen to every of her chats and responding appropriately.

Just like the chatter of a preschooler, a man of understanding should be able to listen and respond to her emphatically.

She mustn’t feel bored or neglected by her man.

The more he responds to her chats, the more she gives him his place in her life.

How does a man successfully converse with the woman of his dreams?

First, let her talk, then listen, ask questions, listen some more, ask some more questions, listen, listen again, then respond.

Find out more on how to converse effectively here.

4. Family commitment.

Emotional needs of women
Family commitment

A woman who is already married wants to feel her man is committed to the well-being of the home.

She wants her man to be concerned about the education, moral, spiritual  and health of the children.

She wants her man to take up the responsibility of the house bills seriously.

She wants her man to be able to fix things in the house if damaged or spoilt.

E.g she wants him to be able to fix the kitchen sink, the air conditioner, TV, clock, the door and other appliances if faulty.

A wise man should understand this emotional need of a woman and should be able to meet it accordingly.

There you have it—on emotional needs of women. All these needs are not exhaustive.

There could be some more which is not spelt out here.

Do you know any other emotional needs of women?

I will like to hear from you.

How about understanding the emotional needs of Men, find it here too…

To your success!

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