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The Emotional Needs of Men

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The Emotional needs of a man is one of the most misunderstood emotions.

What are Emotions? 

Our emotions are a combination of a host of factors —mood, temperament, personality, motivation and disposition.

That is to say that our emotions are a combination of mental activities and a degree of pleasure or displeasure.

Our emotions can affect our mind, will and body.

The way men respond emotionally is quite different from women.

Therefore, it is very important when a woman understands the emotional needs of a man and know what he truly expects from her.

It will help in conversations, bonding and in marriage.

Below are the Emotional needs of Men.


What Men wants emotionally from Women.

  1. Respect

Emotional needs of Men
Respect / submission

A man’s greatest emotional need is to be RESPECTED; especially from a woman, the woman of his dreams.

When a woman submits herself to a man, she shows him high regard or admiration.

No matter how poor or humble a man is, he craves for respect from the woman he truly loves.

Respect is an emotional food for a man. A woman feeds his feelings when she lavishes respect duly to him.

Men interprets respect as ‘love’. Men have a natural ego.

A wise woman would not deflate it.

Despite the fact that a man may be wrong, he wants to FEEL right by the woman he cherishes and adores.

A wise woman will allow her man to be truly himself. She wouldn’t usurp his leadership and authority given by God, despise or look down on him.

She will also allow him to take the lead in decision-making.

Love without respect disconnects a man from a woman emotionally.

The role of a woman being submissive to a man has caused a lot of controversy and rancor in today’s society than it ought to be.

Now, respect or submission does not mean to be irrelevant or unimportant.

She is not meant to be relegated.

Respect means though she is opinionated or contributory, she is not willful or rigid.

She brings her voice without verbally or non verbally showing disregard.

To respect a man is in the presentation of her views —the approach. It’s in the attitude.

“Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument”

How does a man define or interpret respect? 

It’s in the way and manner she talks or behave.

Often times, it’s not what a woman said (words) that made her respectful but the tone of voice, the pitch, the connection.

In other words, if she must let her man know he is wrong or challenge him, she must make him feel it in a way that his manly pride is not been hurt.

The fact still remains that why some women who are of age but are unmarried is because they lack knowledge or wisdom of what and how to truly RESPECT a man.

A man who wants to make you his wife has to psychologically feel respected. 

A wise woman should be able to figure that out for her would-be man.

If not the man will end up keeping you as ‘just a friend’ or ‘Sex buddy’ but will not make you his wife.

  1. SEX

Emotional needs of Men

We are all sexual creatures. However, a man’s sexual drive is wired completely from a woman.

A man consummate love with sex. A man feels emotionally closer to a woman when he has sex with her.

Sex is not just a physical act for men but it depicts his masculinity.

When a woman married to a man starves him his sex need, he feels cheated and he disconnects himself from her emotionally which may affect other aspects of his attitude towards the woman.

It doesn’t mean that men are weird and sexhaolic. It’s just a deep seated emotional need. 

For instance, a man may want a woman to make sexual advantages to him.

He may want her to put on her favorite lingerie once in a while to turn him on. 

A man feels connected if his woman can turn him on sexually most of the times through her dress,smell, touch, voice and of course body. 

Now, most women give into sex if a man has successfully gotten her attention emotionally. 

But a man will give attention to a woman if he is connecting with her sexually or in a sexual nature. 

Weird right? That’s how men are wired.

  1. A woman’s charm or beauty.

Emotional Needs of Men
A charming woman

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So what is charming could be relative.

However, it is worthy to note that men are moved by what they see.

Thus, a woman’s beauty to a man should not be neglected.

Apart from the fact that inner virtues ranks high in the qualities of a lady.

Her outward disposition should be inviting.

A man emotionally wants his woman to look great and stunning.

Only her should know how to define that attraction to her man.

She must know how she adorns her body from the way she scent, hairdo, with or without makeup and her dress sense.

All these should be top-notch.

An irresistible woman is an emotional need of a man.

If as a woman, your man finds it difficult to go out with you or show you off to his friends and loved ones, then you need to improve your charm and outward look.

Remember, men are moved by what they see.

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  1. Personal Space.

Emotional needs of Men
A busy Man

Personal space is a surrounding a person regards as psychologically theirs.

Everyone has a personal space.

The personal space you have with your mother is narrower than the personal space you have with your neighbors next door and the space becomes wider with a stranger you met at the gas station.

The personal space a man has with the woman he cherishes is also narrow depending on how intimate they are emotionally together.

However, that space cannot be choked.

There are times a man desires a little bit of space psychologically.

It doesn’t mean his woman has lost relevance or importance.

It does mean that he just want some time to himself emotionally.

A man who just lost his job or got swindled might crave for space from the woman he cherishes.

Sometimes, he may just decide to hang out with his male friends.

At those times, he may not be in the mood to check on you, other times, he may not want you to visit him without prior consent.

It doesn’t mean that he has lost touch or affection.

It is just that there are moments when a man could be engaged in something worthwhile or a project that is currently consuming his emotions.

Or he needs some time out to strategize on some business or family pursuit. 

When a woman encroaches on that space, she inflicts injuries to him emotionally.

A thoughtful woman should know when to give personal space to her man. ‘You noticed he is not in the mood to talk, don’t bug with open-ended questions, wait till he is out of that cloud.

You noticed he is not picking your calls or engrossed in discussion with his male friends, give him a break.

He is not going to mars. He will come out of it.

Men love space sometimes, give it to them.

  1. A homely woman

Emotional needs of Men
Domesticated woman

A man cherishes a woman who is domesticated.

He doesn’t want to come home and meet a messy house or notice his children not been taken care of.

Additionally, he desires from his woman, a home-made meal.

At other times, he may wish you help him with the choice of clothes to wear or its color combinations.

He may also wants you to help him out with the laundry occasionally.

He may not express this depending on his personality but deep within an average man, he desires emotionally a domesticated woman.

  1. A woman’s approval.

Emotional needs of Men
A woman’s support.

Nothing typifies a man’s confidence like his woman’s support.

A man wants a woman to be there for him emotionally even when things don’t go well or when he is at his lowest ebb.

Even if the world seems to be crumbling at his feet, He needs his woman’s approval, support and courage.

Behind his masculine disposition, a man sometimes may have deep insecurities in his confidence, self esteem, finance and job, taste, sexual performance and business. 

Thus, a wise woman is one who knows that because a man shares his his insecurities with her because she needs his approval, wants to feel safe and not out of place. 

It will keep him going. Sometimes, a little encouragement for the realization of his dreams, goals and plans will do a lot to a man emotionally.

Other times, it is the “you can do it or you’ve got to do it” from a woman who turns him emotionally on positively.

All these emotional needs may be slightly different with some men but these are the major needs of men. 

Do you have other emotional needs of men not expressed here?

I will like to hear from you.

To your success.

Please Share.

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