Easy steps on how to register for Jamalife Helpers global

Easy steps on how to register for Jamalife Helpers global

How to Register for Jamalife Helpers Global. 

‏To register with Jamalife Helpers Global, you have to enter the website www.jamalifehelpersglobal.com

  • Sign in as a new user. The new users column is at the top right of the website (Join now.
  • This takes you to the sponsors information. This can be filled by your sponsor provided you give your sponsor your personal information required or by you provided your sponsor gives you his log in details and transfers cash to your e-wallet account.

  • On the sponsors page, you enter the sponsors ID. Click send. This will generate the full names of the sponsor. Make sure the sponsors name has been generated before you proceed. Note- A sponsor is the person who referred or introduced you to the business.
  • Below the sponsors information contains the new username information. Now that is you. You will have to impute a username of 5 or more characters. Next, enter the password required.

Note – No two people can have the exact username, so once you have imputed it. Click send. This will search if the username is available or has been taken. If taken, you will have to generate another username that is unique to you alone. If you are filling out the password yourself, you impute a unique password known to you alone.


  • Next is the package & payment information which by default is ($5.00)


  • Next is the “select paymode” which by default is E-wallet (Jamalife operates an E-wallet payment platform.
  • As a registered member, you automatically have an E-wallet with the system. However, as a new user, you do not have an E-wallet balance. Thus, you have to contact your sponsor to make payments for you before you register. 
  • The sponsor’s E-wallet username sould be imputed and secret password.
  • Note – once you have paid the required amount to become a partner in Jamalife, your sponsor is under obligation to make payments or supervise the payment procedures for you.
  • After the e-wallet details, you can now enter your personal details in the “personal information” column such as your title, mobile number, country code and email ID. 


  1. Finally, you are required to fill in a security question and answer in case you forgot your password and username details. Once you have done this, click on the box to agree to the company’s terms and conditions.
  2. Boom! You are registered.

You will be sent a congratulatory welcome message on your email with your username and login information. If your sponsor registers for you, make sure you change your login password. 

Then, proceed to your dashboard and change your E-wallet password to any four digits unique to you and easy to remember. 

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