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The Big picture—What You See Is What You Get

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Do you have a picture of you when you were about 5-10 years of age? Alright. How about a picture of your current age? Probably, you may have it. How about a picture of you in the next five years, where will you be and who would you have become?

Arrgh… that’s sound not easy right? Okay!Everything we are today is as a result of our vision —the eyes of our mind. Who we will be tomorrow is also not far from what we see.

It’s not what we look at that matters but it’s what we actually see.

Sometimes all we need to do is to close our eyes and let the eyes of our mind take over. Before you take your first flight physically, you have to take off in your minds eyes.

Every picture we see today was created twice. First in the eyes of our mind and then in the physical reality. Ask a talented painter or a sculptor.

A whole lot of pictures play in our minds every day, however, most of us are seeing the ‘small picture’.Anytime we see negatively, we are seeing the small picture.

The moment we begin to see how things will never work out, how our background is affecting our progress in life or how we cannot be free from the grip-holding addiction, pain or sickness and how we cannot move beyond our present situation or predicament. We are seeing ‘the small picture’. What do you see? What you see is who you become.

A story is told of a farmer who found an eagle’s egg. He added it with his chickens and they were soon hatched.

The eagle grew up with the chickens and every act of the other chickens was also mimicked by the young eagle. It felt it was no different from the rest of the chickens.

We all know that hens fly to a short distance. When the hens fly to a shorty distant, the eagle also flew to a short distant.

It felt in it’s heart that that was what it was supposed and meant to do. He felt like the hens, reasoned like them.

One day the eagle saw a bird flying high in the sky. So it asked the other hens “who is that up the sky?”

The hens replied “it’s the Eagle, master of the sky and king of all birds. It belongs to the sky. We belong to the earth. We are just hens.”

So, the eagle lived and died like the hens because that was what it was told and thought it was.

I don’t care about what you will do but I care about what you are seeing. What you see, is it a big picture?

When you begin to see yourself succeed in your craft, how intelligent and smart you are, how gifted and special you are, how needful you are to your world and the immense value you possess for your world. Then, you are seeing the big picture.

you are the light of the world. (Matt. 5:14a, NIV)

For you to see the big picture you need to be aware of the blinders of the big picture. They are the ‘mind cataract’ that becloud your minds’ eyes. What are those?

These are: Paradigms. Faulty belief systems and lifestyles. Fears or Phobias.All these embedded in our subconscious mind are blinders.

The ideas we get from our parents, cultures, traditions, peers and the society gives us a paradigm, a misrepresentation, a fact that is incorrect.

What do we do? We have to change our paradigm. I will tell you why shortly. But please answer this question. What is your big picture? What is it that you see about your life, career, finance, dreams, goals and vision.

Why should you live the next 5,10 or 50 years? What value do you want to add to the earth? Are you the great man/woman the world is waiting for?

Will the world feel your absence the moment you live this world? How many people can you affect positively? What is your big picture?

Why The Big Picture?

The big picture helps you to focus your life and make it more specific, intentional and purposeful. You don’t just live like you are existing. You live like you’ve got a mission to do, like a call to answer, like a meal you must cook.

You become deliberate with the choices you make and the steps you take. You begin to redesign your life, rewrite your script. You begin to paint the color of your dreams and how the patterns will look like.

Now every person has the potential of greatness in him or her. However, he or she has to be ready to see the big picture.

The more you begin to see the big picture, the more your minds’ eyes begins to open up to endless possibilities and being what you really want to achieve in life.

If your life was a book with the story of your life, how would your story end?

There’s no time. The clock is ticking. People die. Life continues. There is a destiny to fulfill. It’s in your hands. What is your big picture?
Dream and dream big, Don’t be scared because dreams do come true and you will be glad you dreamt big.

Live your life as a matter of urgency. I repeat there’s no time. You’ve just spent 5 minutes reading this. See you at the top—the big picture.

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