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Benefits of Fasting For The Mind

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The mind is a battlefield. Fasting benefits the mind into victory when the body is subdued.

If you want to conquer the battles that war in the mind, you need to deny the body of its desires.

As your body is subdued, your  mind  becomes  refreshed.

Once your mind is silenced, you can hear God with your spirit.

Remember, that man is a spirit. Thus, he needs to deny his  body so that he can be more sensitive in his Spirit.

It is what he was  able to comprehend with his spirit that his mind picks.

Therefore, fasting act as the enabler.

Fasting benefits for the mind

Below are ways fasting benefits the mind.

1. Helps to overcome addictions of whatever kinds.

Fasting is denial, sacrifice. The most powerful component of the mind is the will. It is what makes us do what we do.

We are addicted to something because we want to.

Fasting helps break our stubborn will. It strengthens our mind to overcome addictions of whatever sort. e.g eating too much, smoking, drinking, alcohol, watching pornography, masturbation etc.

when you fast, you become more conscious of your mind and its usually a great time to weaken bad habits or addictions.

If you can control your eating habits, you can control your addictions.

2. Fasting helps you to meditate and see the other side of life.

Your gratitude increases. As you stay away from food. You begin to realize how those who aren’t with food feel. Your bowel of compassion increases.

How do you feel when you are about to break a fast? You feel thankful.

During a fast, you become grateful for the things you already have.

To feel more gratitude and sense of life. Do fast.

3. Fasting helps your mind comprehend your life’s meaning.

When you fast, your mind is quietened.

It launches you to moments of solitude where God can communicate to you your purpose and once your mind comprehend it. It can result to an unending stream of fulfillment.

This is possible because when you fast, you have more self-control, discipline and perseverance over your body and situations and controlling your body from eating is the one of the difficult things to do but if you put your body under control.

You put your mind under control.. After periods of fasting, your mind is trained for success.

So, if you want to find your purpose, fasting will do.

4. Fasting strengthens your will power and help you make right decisions.

Your will is what is freely given to you by God. It’s what made you do what you do.

You do what you do because of your will. Fasting helps you make decisions that will be beneficial to your life.

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