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Before 30: 21 things you should just do

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Before 30, you have the responsibility of refocusing your life and be more intentional.

That is you have all your twenties to fix a lot of things about yourself. Nobody is going to do that for you.

30 is a significant year. A year which one should have figured out a whole lot of things about oneself.

It’s a time when life begins to gain momentum.

If you are not yet 30, fine!

Below are some of the things you should do before 30 and if you are past 30 and haven’t done it, relax! You can get back on track again.

1. Learn how to cook for yourself before 30.

It’s one of life’s most rewarding enterprises.

You should be able to make some couple of home-cooked meal.

It prevents you from relying on others or taking fast foods which are often times not healthy for the human body and you may not be able to watch your weight.

Thus, learning how to make your own meals before 30 should be on your bucket list.

2. Start a fitness program before 30.

Your body needs to be built, no one will do that for you.

Once you are approaching 30, your weight begins to add up and for you to maintain that youthful body and the glow on your skin.

It’s important you have a fitness regime that helps you build your body thus preventing a whole lot of diseases, stress and other negative conditions.

3. Save a part of all you earn before 30.

Before you get to 30, you should have saved a part of every of your earnings.

I mean, monies you’ve kept not for everyday expenses but money for future plans.


To achieve this, you’ve got to be diligent and discipline and forsake any temptation of impulse spending.

4. Find your purpose in life before 30.

It’s important you find purpose early enough in life before you clock 30.

It could be a course you must take, a people to raise, a mission to accomplish, what have you?

Everyone has a purpose in life and destiny calls.

Are you ready to answer?

Discover what you are naturally adept at.

What inherent deposits God had placed inside you that needs to be untapped and unlocked?

Have you asked yourself “what is it that makes you come alive?”

5. Own your own business before 30.

Before you get to 30, try to engage in something that brings you money and make sure you are the boss.

Some call it a side hustle.

Just have a few business you call your own with a kingdom mindset and don’t forget to start small.

You also need to get the right and necessary information that is required in starting a business.

Make the necessary mistakes, learn, then grow and be an expert in your field.

6. Have a different kind of mentors for different areas of your life before 30

Just before you clock 30, you should have various mentors for different areas of your life and career, business, spiritual, fitness, lifestyle etc.

There should be someone you are accountable to, someone who can always put you through in the course of life’s journey.

You will learn mistakes you shouldn’t be making and you will be able to gain from their wealth of wisdom.

Your mentor should be someone who in a particular strength you want to acquire has excelled therein.

7. Learn to love yourself well enough before 30.

A healthy self-esteem is a necessary requirement you need to have before you clock 30.

If you don’t love you well enough, how do you expect others to?

Start with self – awareness. Know your strengths and weaknesses.

“What is it that you are very good at?” I don’t mean a overbloated ego of oneself.

I actually mean that you need to build a self concept.

Understanding that you are unique/special and nobody can be like you.

Don’t moan over things that you cannot easily fix about yourself —your background, your intonation, your height, skin color and unique temperamental disposition.

8. Get over hurts/pains before 30.

Offenses in life are inevitable and oftentimes, they do come from the ones we love so much the most.

It could be an emotional hurt/pain, a sexual abuse by someone who you never expected.

It could be a physical abuse which has created a scar or wound that feels like it can’t be healed.

Not Letting go of hurts/pains before you clock 30 may affect your inter-personal relationships with others and could limit your successes.

Also, some diseases are traced to unresolved pains and hurts.

9. Get born again/ be Spirit-filled

Life has its roller-coasters.

To enjoy life at it fullness, you should be born again and filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.

Being born again before 30, helps you to overcome life’s vicissitudes.

The times of your life before 30 is when you have strength and vitality to accomplish your purpose and mission in life.

To live a life of heaven and earth, one needs to be born again/filled with the Spirit before you clock 30.

10. Acquire different kinds of knowledge.
Get to know a something about everything.

Don’t seek to know everything but something about everything.

Know a bit about sports, cooking, fishing, marketing, Internet, business, relationships, emotions, people.

Just have an idea.

This comes easily when you interact with people freely.

11. Have a library.

Reading boost your cognition and gives you a good command with words.

your communication is enhanced when you cultivate the habit of reading.

Reading enlightens your mind.


For instance, before you reach age 30, you should have read the Bible cover to cover.

You should have read books on finance, money, marriage, relationships, motivation, success, business, food, health etc. Make sure you have a repertoire of books.

12. Learn emotional intelligence before 30.

People are emotional creatures. You are to find out how!

Beyond intelligent quotient, emotional intelligence is a higher form of intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to be aware of your emotions, to understand and also control yours and that of others positively. Find it here.

13. Acquire a degree if you can before 30.

Yes! If you can.

A college degree is just part of the process that may or may not be necessary for your life’s success and purpose.

However, if you can or must, however for it.

Acquire a degree.

Get the traditional knowledge.

Add value to yourself.

14. Learn a craft before 30.

Before you hit 30, you should be able to learn/cultivate a craft.

It could be something that you can do with your hands, mind, an art, a piece of creativity.

Cultivate and build it to the point of excellence.

Thus could be something worth living for.

How interesting it would be finding it early enough in life just before 30.

15. You should be able to feed yourself and another person comfortably.

This is a call to responsibility.

Being able to feed yourself and another individual conveniently before 30 prepares you for the next phase of your life.

Then, it will not be just about you but some significant others.

It’s a pre-requisite for getting married.

16. You should have your own house before 30.

Before you clock 30, you should be living on your own especially if you are a guy.

Whether in a rented apartment or a house you built.

Make sure you are not squatting with friends or in your parents house. You have no excuse whatsoever.

No matter how modest the house is, just make sure it is yours.

17. Know your family history.

Just before you get to 30, you should know a lot about your family culture and your family tree/lineage —your great grand parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces.

You need to understand your cultural heritage.

If you want to know where you are going to, first know where you are coming from.

18. Find your best friend(s)

There’s a friend that sticks closer than a brother.

Such kind of friends are necessary in the building phase of your life just before 30.

Friends who can stick with you through good and challenging times.

Your best friend should be a source of encouragement to you.

They should bring out the best from you.

Before you get to age 30, it’s expedient that you find your best friend.

19. Learn another language.

Learning another language is learning a culture of a people.

Knowing other people’s culture and diversity helps you to learn to live with others.

Living with others is an art.

The work is bigger than what you think.

Learning another language and culture of others enables you to build a bond with them.

Just before 30, you should have learnt another language

20. Travel somewhere far before 30.

Travel is part of education and learning process.

What joy it feels when you have been to many cities and towns just before 30.

Travel opens us up to a host of horizons that are yet to be experienced.

21. You should have written your goals for the next decade before 30.

If you don’t have a goal, you can’t score.

You goals also should have a deadline as well.

What you don’t expect, you don’t experience.

Before you get to age 30, you should have written your goals for the next decade.

It’s not just about writing your goals. Just ensure that your goals are smart too.

Finally, if are not yet 30, you have ample of time to plan and write your own script.

you’ve got to picture your end from the beginning.

Your choices and decisions you make today will have significant impact on your next phase of life.

What seeds are you currently sowing?

Your life is a product of the seeds that you have sown.

You’ve got to live life prepared and ready.

Also, if you are past 30, don’t think this is not for you.

Just retrace your footsteps and find the path you missed.

Go through the 21 things to do before 30 and have your life back with you.

Congratulations to a fulfilling life here on earth and eternal life hereafter.

This list is not fully exhausted. Any other thoughts on things to do before 30?

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  1. Avatar

    You should own your own house, “especially if you are a guy”? Is this a joke?

    1. Avatar
      Samuel T David

      Hello Amy…
      It’s no joke.
      For a girl, it’s quite understandable if she is still at her parents house at 30 but for a guy it’s a ‘NO’.
      This goals are for Super achievers. However, it’s not a fast rule.

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