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15 Reasons Why Sex Should Wait Until Marriage

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Sex is Sweet. It is exciting. It’s not just two people copulating. It is a union of two souls. However, sex creates an emotional, physical, spiritual bond which should be unraveled in the confines of marriage.

The human body wants 3 things; food, comfort and sex. When it comes to the desires of the body, it is very important that one put his or her body under subjection or in control. This is where willpower comes to play. Two partners in love with themselves have to agree to wait for sex until marriage under God.

One key factor celebrity marriages don’t last is linked to premarital sex before marriage. Someone  asked “why should I wait for sex until marriage knowing full well I will get married to my lady?” our response to the question is outlined below:

Why Sex Should Wait! 

  1. Sexual intercourse bonds two people together. It’s not just the physical bodies that are bonded but the emotions and the spirit of two people are bonded through sexual intercourse. (see 1 cor 6:15-16) Whatever emotional or spiritual struggles the other partner has now become your too. What if you end up not marrying each other, won’t you be disappointed that you have shared an emotional bond that should have only be meant for your spouse?
  2. Having pre-marital sex causes you to lose trust in the eyes of your partner. That is why most relationships that involves premarital sex do not always lead to marriage.
  3. Having sex before marriage can lead to unplanned single parenthood. An often times both parties are not prepared, this unpreparedness can affect the psycho-social development of the unborn baby.
  4. Most men don’t marry the mother of their child produced before wedlock.The are over 25 STD and several of them are incurable. Some STD are not too obvious until they have destroyed a vital organ in the body.
  5. Do you know that it’s easier to part ways if sex was not involves? When someone is no longer interested in a relationship, it is easier to let go when there was no sexual activity but if there was, it leaves a feeling of shame, regret and abandonment.
  6. Withholding sex is a test for self-control of the other partner. When a partner cannot wait till marriage before engaging in sex, it shows he or she lacks self-control and can actually be a sign of possessing other related self impulsive desires like anger.
  7. When a relationship is not built on friendship but on sex before marriage. It blinds the need for understanding of ones partner. Every partner has a weaknesses and if it is not thoroughly absorbed. It will produce more broken relationships.
  8. True love waits for marriage, when you  copulate outside marriage, it doesn’t justify true love, the lack of self-control is as a result of lust which fades off after the desire has waned out. But true love is constant. Until you can control your body sexual desires, you don’t truly love a person. When you hear the lines ” If you love me, you will have sex with me” you should know, the person is after your body.
  9. When you insist of no copulation before marriage, it improves your self-worth, self-esteem, you feel like you mattered and your value appreciated. If a man can’t wait for sex before marriage, it shows he doesn’t value you, but if he can wait, then you’ve got some value.
  10. Copulating before marriage infringes on your personal relationship with God. It cuts you away from the presence of God. Also the rights and privileges you have as a Christian is withdrawn.
  11. The euphoria of waiting for copulation disappears when a woman gives into it. There is no more expectancy. It feels the same, nothing new or special. Delaying copulation until marriage creates a feeling of waiting to find out the hidden treasure.
  12. If two people copulate before marriage. Even after marriage it may still lead to extra marital affairs. If he can’t wait now, what makes you think he will wait after he marries you?
  13. Couples are happier in their marriages and have low rate of separation or divorce when they actually wait for sexual desires till marriage. It builds a resilient attitude necessary for self-discipline
  14. When sex is avoided till marriage, it gives you time to pay attention to the needs, preferences, strength and weaknesses of your partner. This will give some background knowledge of your partner.
  15. The first person to have your body sexually should be your spouse, if another person have your body and did not get married to you,it may bring some form of emotional pain or regret.

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