You are currently viewing 12 Tests of True love | Check the assessment here.

12 Tests of True love | Check the assessment here.

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Is this the test of true love?

I will love you to the moon and back babe, I will do anything for you, I will take a bullet for you,but if you cheat on me, I will kill myself .

He just barely met you last 2 months and you feel all the thrills and oohs is true love.

Should time prove love?

Is there anything like love at first sight? Is physical attraction part of love?

He or she is just all over you, does that mean it is love?

In this piece, I have outlined 12 tests of true love. Enjoy!

Love takes time

1. Time

Love takes time to grow.

Don’t be in a hurry to label certain feelings love.

It could just be lust or just an attraction.

Love is like a seed, it needs time to grow. It needs the rain and the sunshine.

It’s a matter of time.

Time tests everything.

People can’t keep pretending for too long.

Time reveals everything.

Test of time

After all the giddy-giddy feelings at the beginning stage, love proves itself.

Have he/she passed the time test?

Studies have shown that the longer the time, the depth of love one possesses.

2. Test of knowledge

You can’t truly love a person until you have known that person.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Can he/she tolerate how you eat or snore in your sleep?

Test of Knowledge

How about your personality and attitude?

Does he/she prefer someone who is more outgoing or reserved?

Are you both compatible?

How do you both resolve conflicts or quarrels that may arise in the relationship?

Do you both share similar views most of the times?

All these are revealed about through the quality times you both share together. The times shared has to be constant or consistent.

Does your significant other truly knows you?

3. Test of  problem solving

The ability of a person to go along with you in solving simple to complex problems, removing or limiting barriers to the relationship is an indicator of true love.

Do you sense the satisfaction of being helped or rescued?

Test of Problem solving
Problem solving

Do you sense that your significant other is complementing you?

Does he or she seems to have an answer to your questions?

That blending or complementary role could be an indicator that he/she is loving you.

4. Distance

Distance strengthens the bond of two people. Have you heard of the saying “distance makes me miss you?”

I understand the effects of propinquity but true love is really strengthened by distance.

Test of Distance

You are about to go for a few days trip and your significant other can’t stand it or begins to feel sad, that perceived feelings of your intended absence shows how he or she truly loves you.

If your absence doesn’t mean so much,then understand that your presence wasn’t valued.

5. Test of commitment

True love is more than an emotion, it’s actually a decision.

The ability to stay with a person despite his/her shortcomings, weaknesses and the past is an indicator of true love.

Test of Commitment

Is she/he willing to stick around no matter what,come rain or shine?

Even after you have told some story about your past life, is he/she still committed?

Someone who truly loves you will accept you for who and what you are.

6. Physical  attraction

One other way to know if it is love is that the person shows admiration of aesthetic beauty or is attracted to your looks.

There has to be a physical attraction when it comes to love especially for someone who may want to marry you or be with you.

Test of Physical attraction
Physical attraction

Though physical attraction is the starting point but could point to true love.

Note that physical attraction could also be your intelligence, the way the you laugh, makes gestures and so on.

It’s very difficult to truly love someone you are not attracted to. Attraction is key.

7. Test of affection

This is the tender show of care for someone expressed by little things that speaks volumes.

Buying of gifts, listening to your significant other, smiling, eye contact, non-verbal touching behaviors and other pleasant thoughtful attitudes displays true love.

Test of Affection

Does he or she surprises you an unexpected gifts?  Does the significant other always finds ways to touch you especially in public?

Or seems adept to helping you out on an issue?  Those are a proof that he or she loves you.

8. Test of stability

True love doesn’t fade or fails, it gets better like fine wine. The feelings doesn’t change.

The head may be upset but the heart still cares.

Test of Stability

It’s not like infatuation that swings like a pendulum. It is always stable. If your significant other doesn’t cheat on you and still has your pictures all over and talks about you to others, it means it was truly love. It is as solid and stable as a bamboo tree,almost immovable.

9. Test of focus

True love is not self centered but others centered. It always think of what it could do for the other person.

It doesn’t think of cheating and it is contented with the significant other.

Test of Focus

It’s not pressurized by the opinion of others. It is a made up mind.

If he or she sees only you and no one else, it’s true love.

10. Test of singularity

True love has no choices to make, its focused on loving that individual and cannot be caught up in a dilemma.

It doesn’t misplace its choice. It sticks to one. Does your significant other give you an exclusive attention above everyone else?

Test of singularity

Even if he/she bought a gift for your friends, does yours seems special or distinct?  It means he/she  values you more and truly loves you.

11. Test of security

True love protects the significant other and has higher trust levels for the other person.

You feel this warmth around the person. Even when you both tread on thorny valleys, there is this feeling that you are not alone.

Test of Security

Does that person feel safe or peaceful with you?  It means he or she is she loves you.

12. Test of delayed gratification

True love actually waits and it’s never in a hurry to satisfy its sexual desires. It is patient and hopes for tomorrow. If he or she wants your body now, it’s pure lust.

Test of delayed gratification
Delayed gratification

The ability to delay the desires of sex shows how valuable the significant other holds you. His or her desires shouldn’t be set at first.

If she is he doesn’t feel connected because you failed to give into sex,  then it wasn’t true love after all.

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