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12 Rules For Managing Your Time Effectively.

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Do you ever find yourself running to meet deadlines, engagements and appointments and it seems like time flies?
Well, I have good news for you. ‘Time FLIES but you are the PILOT’. You can have what it seems like more than 24 hours in a day.

Managing time is not about doing a lot of activities or stuffing every schedule to meet the time. It’s all about making your work look more simpler and faster. Thus, instead of working harder, you work smarter. When you manage your time, you have time for yourself, others, for play and rest.
For you reading this article, I’m sure you really want to manage your time effectively. Stay with me as I unravel the techniques of which you can manage your time all the time.

There is no time, except the one you create.


  • Keep a to-do-list.

    This may look out of fashion but I assure you that if you want to manage your time better, you’ve got to work from a list. Always carry with you a pen and a diary. Your to-do-list should contain all the things you have to do at a specific period. It should contain the activities you will engage in, phone calls you have to make, the people you will have to meet, letters to write, and so on. If you need to take your cat to the veterinary doctor or you need to attend your daughter’s graduation. Writing down things is a psycho-neuro motor skill that puts your mind into action.



  • Prioritize your to-do-list.

    Now, on your to-do-list, you have to decide what is most important and what is least important to you. It’s simple. Arrange first tasks that are urgent and important, then tasks that are not important but urgent. Followed by task that are important but not urgent. Lastly, tasks that are not important and not urgent. You to-do-list should have a time log. When you do this you will find out that you are much able to manage time simply by making your tasks prioritized.


  • Start With The End In Mind.

    If you want to manage your time, you have to begin with the end in mind. Have a visual board,a mental stimulation. Think in pictures how you are going to achieve your goals by a specific period. You need to see the end before you begin. It gives you the psychological readiness to see through your task.


  • Begin With Your Top Priority Tasks.

    Top priority tasks are those tasks that gives us the greatest results and achievements. When you complete such tasks, it gives you a sense of self worth. What is that one task that you must do which is urgent and important? When you find that task do it immediately. You are in control when you do your top priority task.


  • Plan the Night before or the first thing early in the morning.

    This rule should be held dearly. Don’t go to bed until you have given your subconscious mind work to do. Shortly before you go to sleep, Organize mentally and also in writing how your day will be like. Go over it again first thing when you wake up in the morning. You will be amazed how effectively you are able to go through your activities.


  • Don’t procrastinate. 

    Have a sense of urgency. Just do it now! If you really want to manage your time, You have to have this I-gotta-do-it-now mentality. You have to have a buyer’s impulse. Thus, whenever you want to do a top priority task, do it as fast as you can. When? NOW!!!



  • Learn To Say No.

    You manage your time when you learn to say ‘no’  to task that can’t fit to your schedule or a task that was not planned in your to-do-list. This is very important because when you take tasks and responsibilities that were not planned earlier, you will find yourself struggling to meet your already planned tasks. The point is you have to know when to decline an engagement.


  • Push over the uncompleted task to another specific time. 

    Very simple! The tasks that you weren’t able to complete or the tasks you said ‘No’ to, should be pushed over to a particular period where you can effectively manage the time around it. It’s all about doing it smarter not harder.


  • Work during your most productive hours.

    Depending on whether you are a Morning person or a night person. If you really want to get much done at the time you want. You have to manage your time effectively by doing most of your task at the hour you are best productive. Some people are elated at mornings and they seem sharper, brighter, more in the mood of anything than others. While some, the night is their peak hour. Thus, you need to find the most productive hour in your day for you to manage your task well enough.


  • Shut out distractions.

    You have to be discipline enough to manage your time. Sometimes, you have to switch off the television, suspend social media. Ignore unnecessary phone calls. Other times, you have to screen who you let to see you. The main idea is to see that your scheduled activities isn’t interrupted and also that you get the best use of your planned task.


  • Have a sleeping schedule.

    In managing your schedules, you don’t only have to sleep when it is due but maintain a particular sleeping schedule when your body has been conditioned to sleep at a particular hour. This is because if you don’t have a sleep /wake cycle , it may affect your efficiency in time management. You may start feeling grumpy or drowsy when you ought to be actively engaged in your schedules.


  • Reward yourself.

    If you want to reinforce or encourage managing your time. Motivate it by rewarding the act of time management. Take yourself out for a dinner. Go to a resort during the weekends or buy your self another wrist watch. Any time you keep to your time deadlines and engagement. Encourage yourself by rewarding you.

Extra Rule

  • Work Longer hours.

    You have to do what others are unwilling to do. Start your day by leaving a little earlier with this you beat the traffic. Use part of your lunch hours to get some tasks done faster. When you are done with work, stay a little later. When you do this, you leave after the traffic. All together you have saved 2-3 hours. This just an extra tip for managing your time.

Finally, remember that no one can manage your time except you. Go through this technique and apply them to your personal life. You will be amazed how faster and smarter you become.

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